Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Young & Dangerous

Dis cheeky little girl is getting naughtier by da day. Pix was taken somewhere around last week when I fetch her up from nursery (usually her abah will pick her but dear hubby got company dinner on dat day).

Half way back home; seriously I dunno how she can squirmed her way & escaped from her carseat’s seat belt & tried to scoot over to my side while I was driving. I had to pull over in fear she would fall over from her car seat.

I tried to belt her again but she struggled to escapes herself. Surprisingly she is VERY STRONG (or maybe I’m afraid dat if I forced too hard I’m gonna hurt her. *wink*). And she got a very loud voice too. Whenever i tried to lie her down, she screamed at da top of her lung as if I was canning her! In da end I just had to let her sit.

Look how happy she is dat she can sit & watch me drive. I know its dangerous but what choice do I have? It’s either hold her & drive or let her sit. I did belt her leg though. Luckily she’s OK with dat.

I was driving at grandma’s speed limit & not once over 40km/hr. All drivers behind me overtake & gave me ‘da look’ as if saying “Ur car got fuel or not?? Drive sooo slow!!”. Yeah, like I care. Stare all u want. ;)

Mind you dis is not da first time & I really doubt its gonna be da last. Eryna has a very flexible body. She can definitely work her way out no matter how tight we belt her. I think da only solution is to either buy a new/better car seat (dunno whether dis can help or not) or master da art of driving with one hand. Yes, I'm thankful for auto-transmission car. ;)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Eryna & PakSu's Story

This is Eryna's PakSu. :)

Eryna's quite attach to her PakSu which is not surprising since my lil brother has been living with us for da last 6-7 months? Until he got a job offer with Taiko & now currently residing at Rangkasbitung, Indonesia.

A few days after Paksu's departure, Eryna keep going into PakSu's room mumbling "babak, babak". We assumed dat it means PakSu. When she saw dat da room's empty she would turn to us with a confuse face asking, "babak?"..
PakSu, do know dat you are dearly miss. :) Come back soon ya!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Me & Eryna

There are a few similarity between me & Eryna. Dunno whether dis is a good news or a bad news. ;)

1. I noticed dat; Eryna who used to be a tummy sleeper, lately has changed her sleeping style to match mine. We started to sleep side ways & along da way ended lying on our back with 1 hand above our head.

2. We also have da same sleeping habit. Eryna finds it soothing playing with people's lips before going to sleep. Testified also by adik2 at her nursery. Dat was me years back. Well, even now, when I'm having a troubled night, I would also do da same (poor dear hubby. :))

3. We have da same way of smiling? I didn't realize dis at first until a few friends told me so. How can dat be? Browsing thru old photos, I have to admit dat we do. When we smile, our eyes would close a little with mouth wide open dat we are almost grinning! Quoting from my friend; "Eryna ni senyum mcm iklan colgate, sama la mcm maknye..".

Well, what do u think? Can you spot da difference??

Friday, October 2, 2009

Mothers, take good care of urself.


Health is really really crucial to everybody. Much more so to a mother. Much much much more so to a BF mother. Learned it da hard way, I did. *sigh*. I was infected with a really bad fever + flu + cough for da past week. My whole body aches with a really painful back. Even my sore throat; I can barely drink any water.

Since my pregnancy term (or even before dat) & since Eryna’s around we did really cut-off any night activities. No more night movies, less outside dinner, etc, etc. Dat is probably why with 11-straight-hrs of night traveling, improper meal (Eid is really an excuse for people not to cook lunch or dinner), cold weather, nursing Eryna, less fluid intake, my body cant take its toll.

After 4yrs of panadol-free, on da 5th day of Eid I had to broke it. My head really aches; it feels like there’s a ticking bomb inside ready to expode. In da last 5days, I was prescribed with 2 different antibiotics (da first one gave me an allergy), 5 types of flu med, 2 types of cough med, a jab to reduce my allergy & running nose & an-antibiotic-like-med for my sore throat. Got 2days MC since da latest antibiotic is a bit on da higher dose, da doctor advised me to get a full rest. As I’m typing this, my fever finally cool down but unfortunately my flu & cough still continues.

People been advising me to take extra supplement & ironically I do have all those vitamins in-house. Juz dat it’s there for decoration only. “Makan bile ingat je”. But now I finally realize dat I need all those vitamins to boost up my immune system, to maintain a good stamina & to have enough nutrition for both me & Eryna. Not to mention a balance diet & healthy life-style which is equally important as well. I don’t take veggies & barely follow the food pyramid , rarely take any intake of fruits & rarely exercised which leads me to opt for supplements & da need to change my life-style.

Da past week had been hard for me, Eryna & dear hubby. I was trying to avoid Eryna in fear she would also get infected. Except; of course; during nursing time or sleep time. Thanks to dear hubby for taking care of both me & Eryna. He even cooked dinner to ensure dat I get a proper meal. It reminds me dat I’ve once overheard my mom’s dua for her healthiness, her childrens’s healthiness, her husband & her families, in dat exact order. And I thought to my self; Eh mak tk dahulukan anak2 pun?”..(Maafkan Elia mak kerana berburuk sangka.).. How true it is,I realize now. We as mother need to take care of our health first so dat we can take care of others.

Neways, it’s time to discipline myself & take control of my health. No more skip meals/supplement, fruits is a must-have at home, drink plenty of fluids, it’s high-time to include veggies to my daily-meal & will try to exercise as frequent as conveniently possible.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Eryna's Eid Pixies

Yay it's been almost 3weeks++ since I've last visited my nearly abandoned blog. Neways, still havent got any time to narrate any raya's stories (which is quite a lot; with my bro's engagement, our BBQ treat, travelling here n there, etc, etc). Will try to pinch a time to tell it all. *wink*.

My lame excuses to as why dis blog has been decorated with spider webs lately:

Before eid : Busy preparing for a long hari raya leave (10 hari tau!! syioookkk!!). What with audit coming + all pending works (dis is why we should never ever ever delay our work!).
Eid : 10 days without internet connection.
After eid : audit + awaiting 10-days-worth-of-work.

Neway, my fames been pestering me for Eryna's pix with baju kurung... So, here it is.

With abah dearie :)

With mama (matching outfit huh? )

With Wan (FIL)

I'm-really-not-comfortable-in-dis-outfit-so-u-better-stay-away-from-me expression from Eryna

Will update more stories & more pics...weee....gotta go..I'm late!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Eryna's Update

My dear Eryna is now 8months,11days. Listing juz a few, here's some updates.

Do(s) -
  1. Stand-up & 'meniti' (with support-sofa, table, chair- whatever within her reach)
  2. Crawling
  3. Response to 'bye-bye' (hold-up her hand but doesnt acually wave)
  4. Sit (with support- should i be worried dat she cant sit without support yet? Neway, juz let her grow in her own pace rite?)
  5. Pass objects from hand to hand
  6. Wrestle with abah & mama to get what she wants
  7. Word formation (babah - to abah; mamma - to mama; dada;tata;)
  8. Mouthing objects (everything is food to dear Eryna)
  9. Less midnight nursing now (feel kinda sad,miss those midnights cuddles. meaning improved sleep for both me & Eryna)
Dont(s) -
  1. Pincer grasp (still holds objects with her whole palm)
  2. Stand alone (always with support)
  3. Sit unsupported (trying not to worry)
  4. No visible sign of teeth yet (Eryna's been drooling with saliva for almost a month now. Izit a hint for teething?)
  5. Still less hair (takes after me, I guess)
Eryna at 5-6 months - Learning to crawl.

Eryna at 7months - Learning to stand

Part I

Part II

p/s - wanted to upload more videos but demn it takes almost half an hour to upload even 1 !

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

BF & Ramadhan

Last Ramadhan, I was 6-7 months pregnant & Alhamdullilah, I managed to fast all through Ramadhan. I lost a bit of weight, in which da nurse had threatened to admit me to da hospital if my weight continued to drop but rest assure, it jumped right up when Hari Raya came along.

Dis year, instead of being pregnant InsyaAllah I will still be able to fast all thru Ramadhan since it’s been almost 17months (
inclusive 9months of pregnancy) since I’ve had my period. I think it’s because I’m still BF dearie Eryna which cause a twisted jumble to my biological clock. (I’ve been told dats its normal though). Anyways, with BF & Ramadhan, 2 issues come to my mind when I think of dis. Will it affect da quality of my BM? Will it affect da supply of my BM?

Tackling these issues, I found 2 very different arguments. Some studies showed dat there are no significant differences in da major nutrients of BM during & after Ramadhan, whilst other studies showed dat some of da micronutrients can decrease significantly. Well, I am GUESSING it shouldn’t be a problem because da food dat we usually eat during Iftar and Sahur should make up for it. I’ve always remind myself dat Allah itu Maha Adil. Fasting is one of da pillar of Islam & Islam is a religion dat encompasses all aspects of life and secures guidance & light for all mankind.

And also I found a statement from Dr. Muhammad M. Abu Laylah, professor of Islamic studies and head of da English Department, faculty of languages and translation at Al-Azhar University, states: “If there is any harm to your baby if you stop breast-feeding him during the daytime or during the fasting hours, then you are allowed to break your fast and make up for what you miss of fast days whenever your circumstances allow.”

But Alhamdulillah, for da past 10days, I do think dat I’m still fit to continue fasting.

Da other issue is da supply of BM. Most of da articles I’ve read commented dat with da less intake of fluid, it will definitely affect BM supply. I’m still pumping at work but I’m banking on pumping only once or twice only since I’m fiercely dehydrated by da end of da day. But luckily I think I still have enough EBM stock to cover for whatever loss I might face during dis ramadhan.

Eryna is currently taking about 4-5 bottles of 3oz on top of her 2 meals a day. And I’m able to pump around 10-12oz per day at work, so roughly I will be stealing 3-5oz of my frozen EBM stock daily. (
Vowing to replace back all da frozen EBM. Fighting! :) )

Anyhow, here’s a few tips & gladly share on how to survive BF during ramadhan:

1. Ample amount of fluids (4 - 6 litres of water, milk, fresh fruit juices)
2. A good amount of complex carbohydrates (bread, rice and macaroni)
3. Three meals Iftar, Sahur and a snack in between
4. Dates during Sahur & Iftar
5. Horlick-Dates Shakes (Super delicious!)
6. Vitamins
7. Do not overstress yourself
8. Keep a positive mind

But, do bear in mind dat BF mothers may be exempt from fasting if they feel dat their health or da baby's health would be negatively affected by da fasting. Do have da intention to fast & prove your intention by having a good & balance Sahur & observe your health during fasting. If you feel weak & you can observe dat your baby is greatly disturbed, then I might suggest for you to break fast. It really depends upon a lot of factors, how hot da weather is, how long da fasting is, how much effort you are expending everyday and these all add together in da decision whether or not to fast.

Praying for Allah’s grace for me & Eryna to survive dis Ramadhan. Ameen.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Eryna the Thinker

NO, I'm not sleeping. I'm thinking. :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ahlan Wa Sahlan Ya Ramadhan


Ramadhan is fast approaching and I take dis opportunity to wish all Muslim da best in Ramadhan and as it is a month of ibadah & forgiving, I wish to extend my sincere apologies to anybody directly or indirectly dat may have been hurt by my words and/or any of da postings. May Allah showers all of us with His blessing.

Wishing dat the Almighty grants us da chance and strength to sail smoothly throughout dis much awaited month.

I pray dat Allah will accepts our fasting, prayers and qyiam. May we be among those who are saved on da day of judgement. May da prophet (pbuh) be proud of having us part of his ummah. I pray dat we are among those who preach and follow.

May we have a wonderful Ramadhan, and are able to make the most of it. Ameen.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Peace No War


Friday, August 14, 2009

The Romper Story

There’s always a two sides for every story.

Mommy’s Story

There’s a reason why I put Eryna in this i-don’t-sleep-nobody-sleep-romper today.

Eryna’s having a trouble & restless night yesterday & drag me along with it. Put her to sleep at around 9pm and she woke up around 12midnight for nursing. Then at 1am, she woke up crying; “uwaaaaa” for about 2minutes or so (eyes closed), left me wondering why.. Then again at 245am..slap me right on my face is what she did! Then offer her for nursing but seems like still contently-full but just wanted to ‘talk’ just for a few minutes…Me with sleepy eyes, half-awake-half-sleeping, just layan ajer la…then again at 430am...this time for nursing but wont go to sleep after dat,keep me awake with her for around 5mins..then suddenly cries, again left me wondering why…clad her in blanket in case she’s cold or something..but still cries..hug her a bit..pat her cute bum for a minute or so, then finally went to sleep until 730am…Finally! I woke up around 640am....’alamak haven’t performed subuh prayer!’…then continue back to sleep until 730am..Bath Eryna at 9am..searching the romper I bought 2months ago & dressed her with it as a reminder that I’m still sleepy from the previous night!

Eryna’s Story

There’s a reason why mommy put me in this romper today.

I think it’s because purple suits me really well. Look how cute I look in this romper! :) I sleep around 9pm yest nite & feeling hungry at 12midnight. Luckily mommy is always ready to provide me with my favourite milk..Yummy! I dream about abah taking picture of me at 1am..oh how I hate the camera! Uwaaa..Even in my dream i don’t like it…For about 2mins, finally abah take the camera out from my face..Only then I can continue to sleep..Suddenly remember I haven’t told mommy about my day at nursery today..Mommy wake-up! Slap! Erkkk..”Sorry, didn’t mean to slap on ur face. I was actually aiming for your shoulder but my aiming’s a bit off…anyway..u know…story…story…story…thank u mommy for listening..lets go to sleep now..i can see u are already half-asleep”…I’m hungry again at 430am…mommy I want my milk now…woke up at 730...what a great night!

Oppss my bad..There’s three sides in this story..

Abah’s Story

There’s a reason why Eryna’s wearing her purple-romper today. It’s because mommy spent almost RM30 buying it online 2months ago & end-up it’s way to big for her & have to wait until today only can wear it.Hmm..heard Eryna cries last night..Sokay mommy will nurse her…continue sleep…zzzz...Hmmm..izit Eryna ‘talking’ last night? zzzzzzz…woke up at 6am…hmmmm….what a great night!

p/s- Sorry for the blurry pics..as always, from my crappy phone..*wink*

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sugar oh Sugar

With all these chaotic-news-rumors dat sugar is depleting; a few friends asked me:

Friend1 : Yani, dh ada stok gula blm?
Friend2 : Eh, dkt Minat, Poh Lye, seme gula dh abis..better beli cepat2..
Friend3 : Sy ada extra 5kg gula, Yani nk tk?

I sincerely thanks all my friends for their concerns..

Answer1 : Ye dh ada, satu kilo enough la..
Answer2 : Xpe dh ada sekilo kt umah, cukup la..
Answer3 : Xpe, yani ngan hubby kt umah makin nasik, xmakan gula..(No, I'm not being sarcastic, ok..I'm juz joking with dis dear friend of mine)

Da truth is, sugar does not really play an important role in my almost-non-existent-daily-cooking-mission..But if somebody comes to me screaming "cili padi is depleting" or "cabai kering is depleting" or "santan is depleting"; then it's a lot of different story..If dat is da case, I would probably be da first one running to da nearest store to stock up a pile..

But if it is sugar, here are a few points to further strengthen my argument:

  1. 3in1-instant-quick-no hastle-milo-nescafe-horlick-tea-policy. (somebody might say "such a waste of money la buying 3in1"..Yeah right. As if 1teabag per cup or 1 pot of tea for only 2persons is such a saver..duh..)
  2. Sweet drinks? Always a no-sugar-needed cordial.
  3. Eryna's meal? no salt, NO SUGAR, no MSG, no added flavor for 2yrs.
  4. Cakes? Unfortunately I dont bake cakes. Well, at least not NOW. I cant really say for future though. I might enhance my cooking skills, who noes?
  5. Cookies for Hari Raya? As if I have da time (read: I'm juz plain lazy, dats it..*wink*). Plus I'm fulfilling my social responsibility by helping hidden-talent-entrepreneurs out there by spending my money on their very delicious home-bake cookies.
Well, all been said, my occasional use of sugar is juz 2-3 table spoons for whatever it is I'm cooking for dinner/lunch for da day to "bangkitkan rasa manis lauk" is what my grandma always told me..which is not really much rite? So when question asked is "does sugar depleting really have an impact on me?"

Sadly NO (well, not really)... :)

Monday, August 3, 2009

Fabric Hunting

*shooh*shooh*…can u see dusts everywhere here in my blog?

Been a bit bz lately with i-dunno-wut-stuff....Well, juz an update on my baju-raya-hunting-expedition..been searching online (since the H1N1 influenza thing, I'm a bit reserved to bring Eryna to where it's crowded with people) for a cotton fabric, as suggested by my dear friend Jeri, to make a baju kurung or smocking dress for dearie lil Eryna..I know it's not even Ramadhan yet, but believe it or not, it's hard to find even 1 tailor who's willing to take 'tempahan' for baju kurung...have to act fast people!

Anyway, found & bought a nice (in my opinion) Japanese cotton fabric for dear Eryna which is pretty darn expensive! I dunno dat cotton fabric can cost dat much! But I just fell in love with it at first sight, so decided to let the shopowner robbed me blindly *sigh*..

Then went fabric-sightseeing again & found these designer fabrics which is so damn gorgeous!!! It will surely cost me bones & limbs, but how can I resist?!? Cant help myself from ordering Amy Butler Lotus , Heather Bailey Freshcut, Anna Maria Chocolate Lollipop & Tanya Whelan Ava Rose collection for both Eryna & my dear self..(I just noe my dear hubby will kill me knowing dat I spent on fabric again!) Well, dunno whether it will still be in stock or not…just thinking bout the design make me excited..yay!!

Juz have a look at all these designer fabric..it sure will make u drool..

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Eryna with Milk Bath

I was re-organizing my freezer last Wednesday and found there are 5packets of frozen EBM already expired!! (more than 3months)…Lately I’ve been supplying Eryna with only fresh EBM, since it’s “fever season” & I’m afraid Eryna would get infected from any kids at da nursery. So I was kinda ‘neglect’ my frozen EBM (Alhamdulillah I can still pump enough EBM for Eryna daily nursery need without ‘stealing’ from my frozen stock), which might explain how I can miss those 5packets from March stocks.

p/s- I'm not saying dat frozen EBM is not good. Juz dat fresh EBM is preferable to frozen EBM.Freezing EBM destroys leukocytes, white cells which provide significant protective effects; live cells dat transfer immunity from us to our baby.

At first I thought, alamak 25oz go down da drain. But suddenly remember I did read somewhere dat it’s good to bath babies with EBM..So here is Eryna with her ‘milk bath’.. J And silently praying dat with da EBM, hopefully Eryna’s hair will grow more faster (I’m really really worried lerrr…Hari Raya is aprroaching, later people will still ask "boy or girl?"..Duhh...)

Eryna absolutely loves her bath, milk or not.. ;) And dat’s probably why adik2 at da nursery always like to bath her..Sometimes it’s 4 time a day from 8am-5pm..Waahh…my daughter really hygienic la like dis…J

Eryna's pics, enjoying her milk bath.. :)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Wake-Up Reminder (We Plan & Allah Plans)

One of my reminder on why I love my dear hubby so much & how much wiser he is than me. This conversation was around 9months ago while I was still pregnant with Eryna; planning on normal delivery. :) I always prayed dat I will be able to deliver normal instead of c-sect & frequently asked my hubby to also 'pray for me'.

Me : Abg, doa eiya blh deliver normal k..xmo la c-sect..
Hubby : Ok InAllah...

Me : Abg, jgn lupa doa utk eiya k...deliver normal murah sket.. he3...
Hubby : xpe...jgn risau, ade lah duit tu...

Me : Abg, doa tk utk eiya td?
Hubby : ye abg doa yg terbaik utk eiya...klu deliver normal tu yg terbaik, abg minta Allah permudahkan eiya deliver normal.. tp klu c-sect yg terbaik utk eiya, kita redha je itu yg Allah dh rancang utk kita..

At dat time, it was like a smack right on my head! I stopped my relentless worries bout my delivery term & hearing dat from him really ease my mind. I did deliver normal though..Alhamdulillah.. :)

He constantly remind me dat; we, mortals, plan. And so does Allah & Allah is always da better planner. Some things are beyond planning. And life doesnt always turn out as planned. Most of da times, what we want & what we get are two different things. But dat doesnt necessarily mean dat it's not a good thing.

Sometimes, it is difficult to understand Allah's plans especially when His plans are not in consonance with ours. Often, when He sends us crisis, we turn to Him in anger. True, we cant choose what Allah wishes us to carry, but we can carry it with courage knowing dat He will never abandon us nor send something dat we cant cope with. I thinks there is a hadith or something?

I think, sometimes Allah breaks our spirit, only to save our soul. Sometimes He breaks our heart to make us whole. Sometimes He allows pain so we can grow stronger. Sometimes He sends us failure so we can learn to be humble. Sometimes He gives us illness so we can take better care of ourselves. And sometimes Allah takes everything away so we can learn da value of everything He gave us. It does make sense dont u think?

But dat does not mean dat we do not need to do anything, though.
Make plans, but understand dat we always live by Allah's grace.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

If Today Was Your Last Day


Nothing much to update today.Juz find myself liking this new song from Nickelback. Great song & even a greater lyric. Enjoy..

If Today Was Your Last Day by Nickelback

Song writer : Chad Kroeger

My best friend gave me the best advice
He said each day's a gift and not a given right
Leave no stone unturned, leave your fears behind
And try to take the path less traveled by
That first step you take is the longest stride

*If today was your last day and tomorrow was too late
Could you say goodbye to yesterday?
Would you live each moment like your last
Leave old pictures in the past?
Donate every dime you had, if today was your last day?
What if, what if, if today was your last day?

Against the grain should be a way of life
What's worth the price is always worth the fight
Every second counts 'cause there's no second try
So live like you're never living twice
Don't take the free ride in your own life

And would you call those friends you never see?
Reminisce old memories?
Would you forgive your enemies?
And would you find that one you're dreaming of?
Swear up and down to God above
That you'd finally fall in love if today was your last day?

If today was your last day
Would you make your mark by mending a broken heart?
You know it's never too late to shoot for the stars
Regardless of who you are

So do whatever it takes
'Cause you can't rewind a moment in this life
Let nothing stand in your way
'Cause the hands of time are never on your side

Thursday, July 9, 2009

My BP Gear

Almost a week since I last update my blog...(not dat anybody waiting or anything, yes I noe dat...*stuck out tongue*)..Juz wanna introduce my precious (say it like Gollum from Lord of The Ring) in dis entry..Aside from my family & frens (obviously), one of my precious thing is my BP gear; Spectra 3, dat helps me go thru 6mths++ of fully breastfeed my dear Eryna. Whole set of Spectra 3 BP set consist of pump motor/body, 1 bottle with teat & cap, 1 conversion kit for wide neck bottle (Avent bottle), 1 breast shield set & 1 tubing.

Need to buy another extra 1 set of breastshield & tubing (i think da retail price is around RM70) to use da double pumping feature. From my previous entry, dis is the breast shield I was talking about. I'm not completely sure if I got da name right for each component, but cincai lar aa..

I truly lurrve my S3..It's da most affordable electric BP in da market with a double pumping option..Compact size, not dat heavy (~1.4kg), very quiet & long life span. There are 2 incidents with my S3 dat almost give me a heart-attack. Once is when my S3 accidently drop my sofa (long story) & another time is when I asked my sleepy-dear-hubby to bring my S3 inside bedroom for midnight pumping and it slipped from his hand, gedebush! But Alhamdulillah still works like magic.. :) So I can assuredly say dat S3 ni betul2 tahan lasak..

I bought my S3 from littlewhiz & luckily got quite an offer at dat time. I spent less than RM400 for a set of S3+extra 1 set of breastshield. Well, I dunno how much it will cost to buy formula milk monthly, but I guess for a total 6months without da need to spent on FM, investing on my S3 is totally worth it...Plus I got an excuse to buy a really nice bag (i blog about dis in my earlier entry) to put my S3 for me to bring to work...

For anybody who's searching for BP, I would highly recommend buying S3..The only disadvantage of S3 is dat you need to have a power supply to operate. So anybody with higher budget, Medela Free-Stlye might also be a good investment..I got a good review from a dear fren of mine, Faridah who's using FS...If I ever need to invest on another BP in da future, I wont think twice before buying S3, coz it's really a treasure, but I might want to consider FS as well since I'm totally in love with the compact size, electric/battery option & double pumping features.. :)

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Surviving today!

Arrggghhhh...I totally hate it when I forgot to bring things to work!! Last time it was handphone.. Seriously, I find it difficult to survive 91/2 hrs without phone...I went running here & there borrowing phone from people (like a mad-woman) & really tiring lerrr...Another time it was my wallet, but still OK la, since I can still borrow money for lunch or worst come to worst, I can just go fasting..

But dis time is da worst..I forgot to bring bottle for my pumping session!! Uwaaaa... I usually do a double pumping using my Spectra3, but today I only brought 1 bottle with me..What am I to do with 2 breastshields but only 1 bottle?!!??... So dis morning I can only manage to do single pumping for only 20mins (time is always crucial) & only manage to pump 3oz of BM instead of da usual 7oz!!

Darn it!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Me, Michael Jackson & The Radio Station

Today is really not a good day for me (at least da first half of it)...It is so surprising how one crude remark from a colleague can ruin your entire day (my day actually). It took me 5sec to realize dat I'm rather hurt by his remarks even though I know dat he meant it as a joke (really? doubtful..)....

It's rather embarrassing to admit dat what my colleague says could have whatever impact on me. But it really did. Suddenly remember ; "take everything positively", is what my father always say. Easy to say difficult to do lerrr...

We can choose to be reactive to our environment. If people treat us well, we will feel well, if they dont, we will feel bad & become defensive. But on da other hand, we can also choose to be proactive & not let our situation determine how we will feel. We are da one who choose how to react. Proactive people are driven by values dat are independent of how people treat them, or whatever happens around them. Our response to what happens to us affects us more than what actually happened (so true..)

OK all been said, decided to be proactive & take it positively! Yeay! My father's years of preaching has not been in vain & finally paid off.. :) (Abah, hope u are reading dis & be proud..haha..ala..menda cikai pon nk moody2..blah aa...huahua..) My father is a devotee to Stephen Covey's number 1 best seller book "7 habit of a highly effective people"...Which might explain how the first habit (Be proactive) has always stuck on my mind & almost implanted in my brain. But rarely practiced, to be honest..*sigh*..
Nevertheless, it took a trip to my baby's nursery & loads of Michael Jackson's songs to get me to be proactive..hu3...

On my way back to BM (around 30minutes after the 'incident'), stop by at Eryna's nursery which is just 5mins away from KHTP. She was sleeping & seeing her peaceful face is really relaxing & all my anger & worries just slip away. Seriously, I can just sit there whole day staring at her face (masa tgh tido la..klu die tgh bangun, mau die cakar2 muka mama ni..*wink*..) Suddenly feels really stupid for being angry at my colleague's remarks earlier..Portion of my anger has already gone by now..(it's nothing to be angry about to begin with..maybe I'm just being oversensitive?) ...:)

Have been listening to MJ's song along da way & by da time I reach BM, all my irritation has vanished & I'm almost my old self again..Yippee... Most of da radio stations have been playing MJ's song since early morning as a tribute to him. Be it hitz fm, fly fm, mix fm, etc, etc..I've been changing from one station to another station & it will be playing all of MJ's top song; Beat It, Earth Song, Thriller, Man in The Mirror (my fav song),Billie Jean, Bad, etc....

Heard on da radio dis morning, dis one caller have been crying from 6am until 11am++ since she heard da news of MJ departure. She even took an emergency leave today! (Well IMO, luckily tomorrow's weekend or else she might have to take another emergency leave, because of those red puffy eyes, cyring non-stop for almost 6hrs!)..Another caller said dat most of MJ songs has inspired him soo much & practically shaped him to what he is today...Wondering how can a song can give such an impact to one person?

Well, personally I'm not really a big fan of MJ. But I do admit dat he had such a great voice & I love most of his songs (yang top2 aje la..;p )...Find myself wondering, what izit about his songs dat took away all my tensions today? Izit da music? Or izit da lyrics? Errmm..I dont think so...But now I realized dat when I listen to his songs, it brings me back to da times where I was still young & there are not much things to worry about & just dance to da music..And dat's what really comforting about MJ's songs dat I hear today...Anybody shares da same feeling?

Rambling much today huh? *sigh*...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Penang National Park & Pantai Kerachut

Went to Penang National Park last weekend for a picnic with a group of frens, name; amil&oja, jeri&nuli&irdina, sazrul&aida&safwan, adnin&ali, optimus prime (ya optimus prime juga hadir pada hari tersebut), reza&k.wana & jan&fiancée.

Dis is my first time at Penang National Park but unfortunately didnt get da chance to have a look around since we arrived around 1230noon & directly find a boat to Pantai Kerachut since everybody’s hungry like cavemen (speaking of myself & dear hubby. Luckily it’s just about 5mins journey, or else I would have eaten whatever I had on hand & take note dat I was holding Eryna’s rice porridge & even da porridge looks really yummy!). And by da time we got back, it was almost 6pm, Eryna’s sleeping & we haven’t performed Asar prayer, so rushed back to Kulim right away. Making a mental note to go back there for a full tour anytime soon. J

It was too hot for comfort, but company's great, food's delicious & scenes beautiful, so overal it was a very enjoyable outing.

Encounter a bit of adventurous moment while we were there though. It was on our way back from Pantai Kerachut. Why for da love of God does da boat driver left us near a rather abandoned ship (read: a very old fishing boat), is a mystery to me.

Well, at first I thought we oredi reach our destination, but to my surprise, we have to climb a ladder from da so called ship up to da jetty summore. And what a jetty it was! The ladder wasn’t any fun either; it’s 180degrees vertically, mind you..We mothers had a very ghastly moment watching our babies being passed one by one.

The jetty is slightly slanted & crooked much to my horror! And the ‘papan’ is very very old & looks like it gonna break da moment I set my foot on it! Plus it gives a really horrifying ‘kreek..kreek..’ sound at my every steps…(no, I’m not exaggerating!). Wait, dat was not da end of it... We have to walk thru da almost-broke-down-jetty which length to about 300m approximately. And guess what? Dearly beloved, wonderful, handsome, lovely hubby even asked me to ‘lead’ da journey of hell…(hating him all da way to solid ground..love him back to death when both me & Eryna safely arrived though..*wink*..) Ok, so dat’s da end of our day picnicking at Penang National Park.

Stole below pictures from falinali (adakah perlu saya bayar En Mas Ali & Puan Adnin Falina?)

p/s- Dear hubby is really lazy to upload his pictures..why took all da pictures in da first place then? He3…jgn marah ye En Mohd Afzal)..


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