Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Young & Dangerous

Dis cheeky little girl is getting naughtier by da day. Pix was taken somewhere around last week when I fetch her up from nursery (usually her abah will pick her but dear hubby got company dinner on dat day).

Half way back home; seriously I dunno how she can squirmed her way & escaped from her carseat’s seat belt & tried to scoot over to my side while I was driving. I had to pull over in fear she would fall over from her car seat.

I tried to belt her again but she struggled to escapes herself. Surprisingly she is VERY STRONG (or maybe I’m afraid dat if I forced too hard I’m gonna hurt her. *wink*). And she got a very loud voice too. Whenever i tried to lie her down, she screamed at da top of her lung as if I was canning her! In da end I just had to let her sit.

Look how happy she is dat she can sit & watch me drive. I know its dangerous but what choice do I have? It’s either hold her & drive or let her sit. I did belt her leg though. Luckily she’s OK with dat.

I was driving at grandma’s speed limit & not once over 40km/hr. All drivers behind me overtake & gave me ‘da look’ as if saying “Ur car got fuel or not?? Drive sooo slow!!”. Yeah, like I care. Stare all u want. ;)

Mind you dis is not da first time & I really doubt its gonna be da last. Eryna has a very flexible body. She can definitely work her way out no matter how tight we belt her. I think da only solution is to either buy a new/better car seat (dunno whether dis can help or not) or master da art of driving with one hand. Yes, I'm thankful for auto-transmission car. ;)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Eryna & PakSu's Story

This is Eryna's PakSu. :)

Eryna's quite attach to her PakSu which is not surprising since my lil brother has been living with us for da last 6-7 months? Until he got a job offer with Taiko & now currently residing at Rangkasbitung, Indonesia.

A few days after Paksu's departure, Eryna keep going into PakSu's room mumbling "babak, babak". We assumed dat it means PakSu. When she saw dat da room's empty she would turn to us with a confuse face asking, "babak?"..
PakSu, do know dat you are dearly miss. :) Come back soon ya!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Me & Eryna

There are a few similarity between me & Eryna. Dunno whether dis is a good news or a bad news. ;)

1. I noticed dat; Eryna who used to be a tummy sleeper, lately has changed her sleeping style to match mine. We started to sleep side ways & along da way ended lying on our back with 1 hand above our head.

2. We also have da same sleeping habit. Eryna finds it soothing playing with people's lips before going to sleep. Testified also by adik2 at her nursery. Dat was me years back. Well, even now, when I'm having a troubled night, I would also do da same (poor dear hubby. :))

3. We have da same way of smiling? I didn't realize dis at first until a few friends told me so. How can dat be? Browsing thru old photos, I have to admit dat we do. When we smile, our eyes would close a little with mouth wide open dat we are almost grinning! Quoting from my friend; "Eryna ni senyum mcm iklan colgate, sama la mcm maknye..".

Well, what do u think? Can you spot da difference??

Friday, October 2, 2009

Mothers, take good care of urself.


Health is really really crucial to everybody. Much more so to a mother. Much much much more so to a BF mother. Learned it da hard way, I did. *sigh*. I was infected with a really bad fever + flu + cough for da past week. My whole body aches with a really painful back. Even my sore throat; I can barely drink any water.

Since my pregnancy term (or even before dat) & since Eryna’s around we did really cut-off any night activities. No more night movies, less outside dinner, etc, etc. Dat is probably why with 11-straight-hrs of night traveling, improper meal (Eid is really an excuse for people not to cook lunch or dinner), cold weather, nursing Eryna, less fluid intake, my body cant take its toll.

After 4yrs of panadol-free, on da 5th day of Eid I had to broke it. My head really aches; it feels like there’s a ticking bomb inside ready to expode. In da last 5days, I was prescribed with 2 different antibiotics (da first one gave me an allergy), 5 types of flu med, 2 types of cough med, a jab to reduce my allergy & running nose & an-antibiotic-like-med for my sore throat. Got 2days MC since da latest antibiotic is a bit on da higher dose, da doctor advised me to get a full rest. As I’m typing this, my fever finally cool down but unfortunately my flu & cough still continues.

People been advising me to take extra supplement & ironically I do have all those vitamins in-house. Juz dat it’s there for decoration only. “Makan bile ingat je”. But now I finally realize dat I need all those vitamins to boost up my immune system, to maintain a good stamina & to have enough nutrition for both me & Eryna. Not to mention a balance diet & healthy life-style which is equally important as well. I don’t take veggies & barely follow the food pyramid , rarely take any intake of fruits & rarely exercised which leads me to opt for supplements & da need to change my life-style.

Da past week had been hard for me, Eryna & dear hubby. I was trying to avoid Eryna in fear she would also get infected. Except; of course; during nursing time or sleep time. Thanks to dear hubby for taking care of both me & Eryna. He even cooked dinner to ensure dat I get a proper meal. It reminds me dat I’ve once overheard my mom’s dua for her healthiness, her childrens’s healthiness, her husband & her families, in dat exact order. And I thought to my self; Eh mak tk dahulukan anak2 pun?”..(Maafkan Elia mak kerana berburuk sangka.).. How true it is,I realize now. We as mother need to take care of our health first so dat we can take care of others.

Neways, it’s time to discipline myself & take control of my health. No more skip meals/supplement, fruits is a must-have at home, drink plenty of fluids, it’s high-time to include veggies to my daily-meal & will try to exercise as frequent as conveniently possible.


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