Tuesday, January 4, 2011

11 weeks

Alhamdulillah, juz open my 2nd red book yesterday. Both me & hubby went to da klinik kesihatan a bit late at around 3.30pm. the nurses were oredi rushing to go back home..*sigh*..
At 11 weeks:
  • Shortness of breath & sometimes a sudden anxiety feeling - I've been told dat it's normal during late pregnancy. But to experience it during 1st trimester? I read somewhere dat it's because of progesterone hormone dat limits da movement of lung dat causing dis? Haihh...juz hope dat it's nothing serious..
  • Stomach nausea & gassy - I've been having dis for almost 2weeks now..which also include giddiness, dizziness, headache which is not really a headache.
  • Unusual fatigue - I can juz lay my head on a pillow & I'll easily fall asleep juz within a minute! Again, juz hope dat it's not a symptom of anything serious.

I have a mixed emotions about dis pregnancy. I'm crazy happy, excited & thrilled but at da same time I'm also scared to death for I dunno what reason. *sigh*

Neways, I'm trying to make a weekly "update" but I dont think dat I can really do it, me being such a lazy-bone..Another *sigh*

I'm feeling a bit demotivated today..Not because of dis pregnancy of course..Work related I guess...Haihh..I juz wish dat I can go home early (on time) today... :(

Sunday, January 2, 2011

What happen at 5am?

I'm blogging at 5AM from workplace. From the first word until da last word sound weird & crazy rite?
First, "I'm blogging" which is quite weird since I juz updated a few days ago? Being a lazy-me, to update again less than 1 week? YES it's weird.
Second, "5AM" , who in dis world is soo crazy to update a blog at 5AM instead of doing solat tahajud? Crazy.
Thirdly, "workplace". Being a normal shift employee, what in da hell am I doing at workplace at 5AM in da morning?!? Even crazier!

*Sigh* It's because I'm an employee dat I need to be here as early as 2AM!! I've been walking non-stop since 2AM - 4.30 AM... :( Feels like wanna pengsan!!
Hopefully everything went well & I can go back early.. And hopefully nothing happen to my....

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