Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 : A new beginning?

If you ask me, most probably my answer will be no. Well, in my case at least. How do I see the new beginning of the year 2013? I see it as a continuation of improvement. I see it as a time to not start as "a new me" but rather a time to reflect on who was I in the year 2012, and what can I change & improve from there. It's not being ' a new me' but rather ' a better me'.

A lot had happen to me in 2012, the last 6 months have been very trying but have been the sweetest as well. What had happen had change me, made me discover my weaknesses & fortunately found my source of strength as well.

I learn a lot of things in 2012. I discover a lot of things about me as well.

Hmm...Will babble more when I have the time. In which I dunno when. In da next 2 years maybe?


Friday, February 11, 2011

3 days 2 night at KMC

Some may have oredi noe dat my dear doter Eryna was warded at KMC during last CNY holidays. It was due to fever & jaundice. Juz so dat I wont forget any event of it, chronology as below (alamak, macam tulis email la plak ada 'as below' neh):

Wednesday (Feb2) - Went back to Jitra, hubby's hometown. Eryna started to eat fava beans (kacang sepat/kacang parang/ kacang itik (bak kata nuli)).

Thursday (Feb3) - Eryna continue to eat da fava beans. Around evening, I've noticed a pale yellow colour at her white eyes. Try not to be da annoying-paranoid-mother dat I am, I told dear hubby bout it but still try to 'take it easy'.."InAllah xde pape la tu kot"...

Friday (Feb4) - During Eryna's morning bath, her night pampers were with dark urine colour which is almost reddish. My first thought was "OMG, kencing berdarah ka?".. Immediately told hubby bout it & insisted to go to clinic for further check-up since her white eyes looks even more yellow to me. But since dat day we have dis kenduri arwah, my hubby told me to monitor for a few hours first. Though with uneasy feeling, I said OK. But approaching evening, Eryna started to have fever. OK, now clinic-is-a-must-go! But dat time hubby was about to go for Friday prayer. Wait again for him to come back from Friday prayer, then went back to in-laws house to take a bath & zohor prayer & off we went to KMC. Reach there around 4pm which is so full of people! We juz managed to see da doctor at around 530pm. By da time we reach there, luckily there is a 'pre-checkup' with da nurses, her fever already hit 38.8C, da nurses immediately gave her da bottom med. Right after da doctor saw Eryna's pale yellowish eyes, he immediately registered us to be warded for further investigation on why da jaundice happen. Blood test, urine test & even stool test. Do u noe how small kid's vein is?? Eryna's vein is so small dat da nurse are having difficulty to take her blood. She was crying but yet so brave..No struggling, no shrieking, juz keep still until da nurse finish taking her blood sample. Then she keep saying "ayah, ayah'..which means "darah, darah"..

Saturday (Feb5) - All those test results came back. Long story cut short, doc suspected her with G6PD deficiency dat caused a breakdown of red blood cells (RBC) from eating da fava beans. (Ok, do googled G6PD deficiency, all those mothers & fathers out there.). How is dat possible when all babies are screen with this G6PD test right after birth? Even her G6PD test dat day came out normal. But da doc highly suspect dat dear Eryna is having an intermediate G6PD deficiency & dats why she reacts so negatively with fava beans. Fava beans is a taboo-no-no-cannot-dont-ever-give-ur-kids-food for anyone with G6PD deficiency. G6PD is not a disease or whatever. It's an enzyme in surrounding our RBC. And any lack/deficient of this makes us or more correctly makes our RBC vulnerable towards certain drugs/food/things. There is a quite a long list of it, let's not spell it out here. But again, fava beans is a definite NO NO. Since her Hb & RBC count is quite low, doc suggested & we agreed to proceed for blood transfusion (masuk darah ye, bukan tukar darah). I did take some pixies with my crappy hp camera, (dun get me wrong, I luurrve my current hp, but I have to admit dat da camera is a bittt..ermm how shud I say? A bit crappy) will ty to share it later.

Sunday (Feb6) - After yesterday's blood transfusion, did a blood test again. Alhamdulillah, Hb went back to normal, no fever, no rashes but yes a diarrhoea, which is quite normal as what have been told by da paed. Discharge from the full-of-medicine-smell (of course it's full with medicine smell, its a hospital! Wut do u expect? Freshly baked buns & cup cakes?) KMC at 6.00pm.

OK, dats about it. Almost da whole nutshell of da full story.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

11 weeks

Alhamdulillah, juz open my 2nd red book yesterday. Both me & hubby went to da klinik kesihatan a bit late at around 3.30pm. the nurses were oredi rushing to go back home..*sigh*..
At 11 weeks:
  • Shortness of breath & sometimes a sudden anxiety feeling - I've been told dat it's normal during late pregnancy. But to experience it during 1st trimester? I read somewhere dat it's because of progesterone hormone dat limits da movement of lung dat causing dis? Haihh...juz hope dat it's nothing serious..
  • Stomach nausea & gassy - I've been having dis for almost 2weeks now..which also include giddiness, dizziness, headache which is not really a headache.
  • Unusual fatigue - I can juz lay my head on a pillow & I'll easily fall asleep juz within a minute! Again, juz hope dat it's not a symptom of anything serious.

I have a mixed emotions about dis pregnancy. I'm crazy happy, excited & thrilled but at da same time I'm also scared to death for I dunno what reason. *sigh*

Neways, I'm trying to make a weekly "update" but I dont think dat I can really do it, me being such a lazy-bone..Another *sigh*

I'm feeling a bit demotivated today..Not because of dis pregnancy of course..Work related I guess...Haihh..I juz wish dat I can go home early (on time) today... :(

Sunday, January 2, 2011

What happen at 5am?

I'm blogging at 5AM from workplace. From the first word until da last word sound weird & crazy rite?
First, "I'm blogging" which is quite weird since I juz updated a few days ago? Being a lazy-me, to update again less than 1 week? YES it's weird.
Second, "5AM" , who in dis world is soo crazy to update a blog at 5AM instead of doing solat tahajud? Crazy.
Thirdly, "workplace". Being a normal shift employee, what in da hell am I doing at workplace at 5AM in da morning?!? Even crazier!

*Sigh* It's because I'm an employee dat I need to be here as early as 2AM!! I've been walking non-stop since 2AM - 4.30 AM... :( Feels like wanna pengsan!!
Hopefully everything went well & I can go back early.. And hopefully nothing happen to my....

Monday, December 27, 2010

Weeee late entry!

Last 5days was dear hubby's birthday. Being a lousy (or busy?) wife dat I am, I can only blog-wish him today. I did wish him on dat day though, ok? Before u throw any stale-eggs on my face. OK, let me juz wish my dearest hubby a very happy belated birthday! What gift did I get him u ask? Errr...let me also recap what did I get him for da past 3years...2008 - nothing, 2009 - nothing, 2010 - NOTHING!
OK now u can throw those eggs!!

My lame excuses?
2008 - Juz gave birth to dear Eryna 2days before (accepted la rite?)
2009 - Err...I forgot why I didnt get him any gifts....grrrr....
2010 - He wanted Samsung Wave!!!!! Where do I get da money?!!?? So then I juz said, "I give u my undying love enough la ok"... *wink*

Anyway, I wish my hubby lifetime of happiness. May Allah bless you with joy that u have bring to my life, may Allah fulfill all ur dreams, may Allah accept our du'as, may Allah guide u to da path He wishes u to travel upon & may He bless u with a long, happy & healthy life.

Let me juz take dis opportunity to thank Allah for bringing you into my life. I noe I must have done something right in my life to deserve u. U never give me a moment of sadness in my life.
Thanks for being a great father.
Thanks for being so wise.
Thanks for letting me sleep early & wake-up late (I noe, I'm such a terrible wife).
Thanks for all the help.
Thanks for all the compliments.
Thanks for da occasional kisses on my forehead when u think I'm sleeping.
Thanks for being everything dat u are.

I love you forever & after. I hope dat Allah may bless our family & we will be together in the after-life.
Neways, juz wanna share our first photo together.
Both of us look soooo.....young? cute? innocent? lame? And what's with dat smile?? Weeee....

p/s - Some of you might vomit after dis post over my oh-so-romantic-undying-love wishes to my dear hubby...haha...juz hope dat it's not dear hubby who vomitted.. *wink*

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Birthday wishes to my lil girl

My baby turns 2 yrs old today! Amazing how fast time flies.
We had an early 'celebration" with just families & close friends last Sunday. Nothing grand though..Juz a simple get-together with some pulut kuning (thanks to my grandmother), gulai ayam to complement da pulut kuning, choc fudge cake from Secret Recipe (my favourite) and some modernized tepung bungkus, a failure-product of my puding koktel berkuah & some snacks for desert.
Some pixies on dat day:
To my dear Eryna:
I pray dat Allah will grant wisdom to ur mind, compassion in ur heart, act of kindness in ur actions & faith in ur soul.
I pray dat Allah gives you good health & I pray dat Allah will bless you with all happiness in da world.
You are such a joy & blessing to me and I thank Allah with all my heart & soul that I'm blessed with you in my life. I pray dat Allah will guide me & give me da strength & wisdom to raise you to be a good muslimah. Amin ya rabbal alamin.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Shhh..dont tell anyone..


OMG! of my colleague found out about dis blog of mine..

I can no longer complaint about work place (which is what I'm planning to do a bit later today) in here, or else it'll goes to my boss...aarrghh..

En. Adhar, I noe u are reading dis..anyone else found out, I NOE IT'S YOU! :p


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