Friday, February 11, 2011

3 days 2 night at KMC

Some may have oredi noe dat my dear doter Eryna was warded at KMC during last CNY holidays. It was due to fever & jaundice. Juz so dat I wont forget any event of it, chronology as below (alamak, macam tulis email la plak ada 'as below' neh):

Wednesday (Feb2) - Went back to Jitra, hubby's hometown. Eryna started to eat fava beans (kacang sepat/kacang parang/ kacang itik (bak kata nuli)).

Thursday (Feb3) - Eryna continue to eat da fava beans. Around evening, I've noticed a pale yellow colour at her white eyes. Try not to be da annoying-paranoid-mother dat I am, I told dear hubby bout it but still try to 'take it easy'.."InAllah xde pape la tu kot"...

Friday (Feb4) - During Eryna's morning bath, her night pampers were with dark urine colour which is almost reddish. My first thought was "OMG, kencing berdarah ka?".. Immediately told hubby bout it & insisted to go to clinic for further check-up since her white eyes looks even more yellow to me. But since dat day we have dis kenduri arwah, my hubby told me to monitor for a few hours first. Though with uneasy feeling, I said OK. But approaching evening, Eryna started to have fever. OK, now clinic-is-a-must-go! But dat time hubby was about to go for Friday prayer. Wait again for him to come back from Friday prayer, then went back to in-laws house to take a bath & zohor prayer & off we went to KMC. Reach there around 4pm which is so full of people! We juz managed to see da doctor at around 530pm. By da time we reach there, luckily there is a 'pre-checkup' with da nurses, her fever already hit 38.8C, da nurses immediately gave her da bottom med. Right after da doctor saw Eryna's pale yellowish eyes, he immediately registered us to be warded for further investigation on why da jaundice happen. Blood test, urine test & even stool test. Do u noe how small kid's vein is?? Eryna's vein is so small dat da nurse are having difficulty to take her blood. She was crying but yet so brave..No struggling, no shrieking, juz keep still until da nurse finish taking her blood sample. Then she keep saying "ayah, ayah'..which means "darah, darah"..

Saturday (Feb5) - All those test results came back. Long story cut short, doc suspected her with G6PD deficiency dat caused a breakdown of red blood cells (RBC) from eating da fava beans. (Ok, do googled G6PD deficiency, all those mothers & fathers out there.). How is dat possible when all babies are screen with this G6PD test right after birth? Even her G6PD test dat day came out normal. But da doc highly suspect dat dear Eryna is having an intermediate G6PD deficiency & dats why she reacts so negatively with fava beans. Fava beans is a taboo-no-no-cannot-dont-ever-give-ur-kids-food for anyone with G6PD deficiency. G6PD is not a disease or whatever. It's an enzyme in surrounding our RBC. And any lack/deficient of this makes us or more correctly makes our RBC vulnerable towards certain drugs/food/things. There is a quite a long list of it, let's not spell it out here. But again, fava beans is a definite NO NO. Since her Hb & RBC count is quite low, doc suggested & we agreed to proceed for blood transfusion (masuk darah ye, bukan tukar darah). I did take some pixies with my crappy hp camera, (dun get me wrong, I luurrve my current hp, but I have to admit dat da camera is a bittt..ermm how shud I say? A bit crappy) will ty to share it later.

Sunday (Feb6) - After yesterday's blood transfusion, did a blood test again. Alhamdulillah, Hb went back to normal, no fever, no rashes but yes a diarrhoea, which is quite normal as what have been told by da paed. Discharge from the full-of-medicine-smell (of course it's full with medicine smell, its a hospital! Wut do u expect? Freshly baked buns & cup cakes?) KMC at 6.00pm.

OK, dats about it. Almost da whole nutshell of da full story.

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