Monday, December 27, 2010

Weeee late entry!

Last 5days was dear hubby's birthday. Being a lousy (or busy?) wife dat I am, I can only blog-wish him today. I did wish him on dat day though, ok? Before u throw any stale-eggs on my face. OK, let me juz wish my dearest hubby a very happy belated birthday! What gift did I get him u ask? Errr...let me also recap what did I get him for da past 3years...2008 - nothing, 2009 - nothing, 2010 - NOTHING!
OK now u can throw those eggs!!

My lame excuses?
2008 - Juz gave birth to dear Eryna 2days before (accepted la rite?)
2009 - Err...I forgot why I didnt get him any gifts....grrrr....
2010 - He wanted Samsung Wave!!!!! Where do I get da money?!!?? So then I juz said, "I give u my undying love enough la ok"... *wink*

Anyway, I wish my hubby lifetime of happiness. May Allah bless you with joy that u have bring to my life, may Allah fulfill all ur dreams, may Allah accept our du'as, may Allah guide u to da path He wishes u to travel upon & may He bless u with a long, happy & healthy life.

Let me juz take dis opportunity to thank Allah for bringing you into my life. I noe I must have done something right in my life to deserve u. U never give me a moment of sadness in my life.
Thanks for being a great father.
Thanks for being so wise.
Thanks for letting me sleep early & wake-up late (I noe, I'm such a terrible wife).
Thanks for all the help.
Thanks for all the compliments.
Thanks for da occasional kisses on my forehead when u think I'm sleeping.
Thanks for being everything dat u are.

I love you forever & after. I hope dat Allah may bless our family & we will be together in the after-life.
Neways, juz wanna share our first photo together.
Both of us look soooo.....young? cute? innocent? lame? And what's with dat smile?? Weeee....

p/s - Some of you might vomit after dis post over my oh-so-romantic-undying-love wishes to my dear hubby...haha...juz hope dat it's not dear hubby who vomitted.. *wink*

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Birthday wishes to my lil girl

My baby turns 2 yrs old today! Amazing how fast time flies.
We had an early 'celebration" with just families & close friends last Sunday. Nothing grand though..Juz a simple get-together with some pulut kuning (thanks to my grandmother), gulai ayam to complement da pulut kuning, choc fudge cake from Secret Recipe (my favourite) and some modernized tepung bungkus, a failure-product of my puding koktel berkuah & some snacks for desert.
Some pixies on dat day:
To my dear Eryna:
I pray dat Allah will grant wisdom to ur mind, compassion in ur heart, act of kindness in ur actions & faith in ur soul.
I pray dat Allah gives you good health & I pray dat Allah will bless you with all happiness in da world.
You are such a joy & blessing to me and I thank Allah with all my heart & soul that I'm blessed with you in my life. I pray dat Allah will guide me & give me da strength & wisdom to raise you to be a good muslimah. Amin ya rabbal alamin.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Shhh..dont tell anyone..


OMG! of my colleague found out about dis blog of mine..

I can no longer complaint about work place (which is what I'm planning to do a bit later today) in here, or else it'll goes to my boss...aarrghh..

En. Adhar, I noe u are reading dis..anyone else found out, I NOE IT'S YOU! :p

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Yes, my mommy think I'm SUPER CUTE. ;)


Friday, November 12, 2010

Vacancy anyone?

I hate dis job. I hate my boss. Well,not personally, but wholly hate her. I hate da food here. It's unhealthy, distasteful & expensive. I hate my cubicle. No privacy ler. I hate my colleague for dragging me to Old Town every damn week! Da so called Nasi Lemak Special can't even compare with a plain rice with sambal belachan & fried anchovies. Not even a lil bit. Give me da latter any time of da day, man. I hate my stakeholder. Dey are arrogant, selfish & dey think dey are da only busy ppl here. U r not da freaking Prime Minister ok! Even da Prime Minister can rest when ha had da chicken pox. Go n get urself infected so dat u can chill out. Da company wont go bankrupt if u attend da meeting for 5mins. Da company wont shut down if u dont send da report immediately , u noe?! Wut's da difference in sending it at 10PM vs. 8am da next day? Da recipient will only read it in da next morning ok? Dey wont stay in front of da computer throughout da night waiting for your oh-so-valuable-NOT! report. Dey have a family & dey have a life. Unlike u, I guess. I hate da policy here. To change a cabinet lock in da office oso need a barricade procedure? U have got to be kidding me! Dey are not doing equipment PM la kawan.. Dis poor uncle juz want to change da broken key lock cabinet oni..In da office summore,not inside da manufacturing floor....U force him to wear glove? What for, u crazy idiot? Do u think ppl here cant see him doing work near da cabinet dat ppl will knock him? We are not blind ok? And if we are indeed blind, putting da barricade wont help anything! He spent there less than 5mins, do u noe? We spent even longer time in front of da cabinet. Do all of us need to put barricade if we need to take any document from there? ha??

I regret da day dat I apply for dis job. I regret da day dat I went for da interview. I regret da day dat I went for da 2nd interview. I regret da day dat I say "ya, betul" when my grandma asked me "betul ker nk tukar tempat kerja ni?". I regret da day dat I'm blinded by da money & say yes to dis job.

Working here is really not healthy, it gives me hypertension & I'm really going crazy by da minute. There will be a day dat I will go completely mental & take da damn barricade & hit somebody with it! Every cloud have a silver lining, u say? Doubtful, I say. Very doubtful.

p/s- M.E, stop complaining & be grateful dat u even have a job! <--- Dis is what I said to myself after da last fullstop. So dun worry, I'm not crazy yet. I think? *wink*

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A note to mommyeryna


M.E, stop being suzh a lazybones & start updating something here before this blog cease to exist!

U have change ur job, went back to ur hometown, blessed with a new lil' brother & niece, went thru 6-weeks without ur hubby around, celebrated a happy raya, surviving each day dealing with work-stress, bought some nice shoes, gain a lil' weight, tanned a lil' bit & a lot other zillion things happened since ur last update!

Stop pretending to be so bizzy dizzy dat u cant even spent 10mins time uploading dear almost-2yrs old-Eryna's pixies before dear hubby re-format da PC again & deleted all those files!

As I was scrolling down this page, I noticed dat u've promised to post some of ur brother's wedding pixies here?! Are u kidding me? Hello, dey are no longer newlyweds, OK? Dey are now a proud abah & mana to dear Sofea. Remind me to never take ur word again.

So start narrating all those memories be it good or bad, before u forgot all about in in da years to come!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Finally, some update!


Eryna : Dis lil angel is now 1yr 2mths old oredi. How time flies! No birthday bash or anything, poor Eryna. Will make it up to her somehow.

Vocabulary & cognitive development

· “nak asyi” – when hungry or anything related to food. Any food is ‘nasi’ to dear Eryna.

· “nak ket” or “nak gi” – when she wants more

· “bo” – ball

· “bey-bi” – to any babies or baby’s pix

· “nak-nak” – ‘tak nak’ in addition to shaking her head.

· Responds to simple questions or command like; “tolong amik bola tu utk mama” , “nak nasik lagi tk?”, “mana kaki?mana hidung?”

· When she wants her nen-nen or her beauty sleep, will call me up ‘mamma’ & point to our bedroom.

· Wink when she’s being playful. Wink as in blink a few times or close both of her eyes for more than 3secs.

Physical & motor development

· Got her ‘walking license’ for almost 2mths now. (I didn’t even blog about her first step & now she can almost run!) But still falls down now & then especially when she gets really excited & forgets dat she can’t walk fairly well yet, but tried to sprint instead.

· Dance to music even when it’s just a commercial on tv.

· Self-feeding. Prefers cup than her straw-bottle. Though more often that not, edge of the cup will miss her mouth & found her chin instead.

· Already masters da pincer grasp. Can pick-up small objects with thumb & forefinger. Currently like to respond with finger playing on “labah labah hitam” song aka itsy bitsy spider.

· Started potty training. Not diapers-free yet. But will point to her stomach when she’s done poo-poo.

· Still breastfeeding. Alhamdulillah. Another 10 months to go! Though I always tell myself dat I’ll keep on bf her as long as she still wants to.

· More hair to my relief. But still no sign of teeth. People keep telling me dat it’s a good thing. But dat didn’t keep me from worrying though.

New house

Alhamdulillah, officially moved in on 2nd January 2010. Marked somewhere in my calendar as the day we’ve been officially chased out by our landlord. We were busy packing & unpacking, night & day from November till December. (One of our excuses for not organizing a birthday party for dear Eryna. Had a small celebration on our own though. With a small cake & a lifetime prayer for Eryna’s happiness)

A single-storey semi-detached kinda house. A modest & practical investment for our first home. Practical as in Eryna always go frenzy wild at the sight of stairs or escalator. Save both me & hubby the horror & trouble to ‘escort’ her up & down the stairs. Yes, been there, done dat! Crazy painful on my back. Hopefully a never to repeat experience.

No renovation been done yet. Still calculating on the pros & cons. Kitchen cabinet, done. A simple ‘U’ style, brown-black colour. Once considered red & white combination, but decided we’re more like old-fashioned kinda people & the colour’s too modern for us.. *wink*..Grill, done. Curtain, done. Furniture, almost done. Auto-gate, done. Electrical items, almost done. Cash out was really outrageous! Even those small2 things cost a lot! Currently laying low on any expenditure for our home. Will resume back on any pending items, but not anytime soon though.

Family addition

· My older brother’s married to the ever beautiful Farah Nadiah. Adi, Farah, sorry took me a really long time to announce this. Lotsa things with u noe whatever s**t stuffs. Will post more pixies, dun worry (though I dunno when..but I will, promise).

· Aunty’s pregnant. Yeay! Due somewhere in May. 2times scan shows I’m gonna have a new brother soon. Yippee!

· Got a new niece (Eryna’s second cousin). Nur Aleesya Nabila. Hope I got the name & spelling right. Congrates to both K.Julia & A.Nadzrul. Heard dat she’s a spitting image of Wawa. InsyaAllah we’ll be down there soon. Tungguu..

· Cousin, Nizam’s engaged. To be married on June. Another trip to Kelantan, yeay! Hopefully dis time we manage to do some shopping there.

There’s a lot more things to update. Will find a time to tell it all before I forgot all about it. Till then..


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