Monday, March 1, 2010

Finally, some update!

Eryna : Dis lil angel is now 1yr 2mths old oredi. How time flies! No birthday bash or anything, poor Eryna. Will make it up to her somehow.

Vocabulary & cognitive development

· “nak asyi” – when hungry or anything related to food. Any food is ‘nasi’ to dear Eryna.

· “nak ket” or “nak gi” – when she wants more

· “bo” – ball

· “bey-bi” – to any babies or baby’s pix

· “nak-nak” – ‘tak nak’ in addition to shaking her head.

· Responds to simple questions or command like; “tolong amik bola tu utk mama” , “nak nasik lagi tk?”, “mana kaki?mana hidung?”

· When she wants her nen-nen or her beauty sleep, will call me up ‘mamma’ & point to our bedroom.

· Wink when she’s being playful. Wink as in blink a few times or close both of her eyes for more than 3secs.

Physical & motor development

· Got her ‘walking license’ for almost 2mths now. (I didn’t even blog about her first step & now she can almost run!) But still falls down now & then especially when she gets really excited & forgets dat she can’t walk fairly well yet, but tried to sprint instead.

· Dance to music even when it’s just a commercial on tv.

· Self-feeding. Prefers cup than her straw-bottle. Though more often that not, edge of the cup will miss her mouth & found her chin instead.

· Already masters da pincer grasp. Can pick-up small objects with thumb & forefinger. Currently like to respond with finger playing on “labah labah hitam” song aka itsy bitsy spider.

· Started potty training. Not diapers-free yet. But will point to her stomach when she’s done poo-poo.

· Still breastfeeding. Alhamdulillah. Another 10 months to go! Though I always tell myself dat I’ll keep on bf her as long as she still wants to.

· More hair to my relief. But still no sign of teeth. People keep telling me dat it’s a good thing. But dat didn’t keep me from worrying though.

New house

Alhamdulillah, officially moved in on 2nd January 2010. Marked somewhere in my calendar as the day we’ve been officially chased out by our landlord. We were busy packing & unpacking, night & day from November till December. (One of our excuses for not organizing a birthday party for dear Eryna. Had a small celebration on our own though. With a small cake & a lifetime prayer for Eryna’s happiness)

A single-storey semi-detached kinda house. A modest & practical investment for our first home. Practical as in Eryna always go frenzy wild at the sight of stairs or escalator. Save both me & hubby the horror & trouble to ‘escort’ her up & down the stairs. Yes, been there, done dat! Crazy painful on my back. Hopefully a never to repeat experience.

No renovation been done yet. Still calculating on the pros & cons. Kitchen cabinet, done. A simple ‘U’ style, brown-black colour. Once considered red & white combination, but decided we’re more like old-fashioned kinda people & the colour’s too modern for us.. *wink*..Grill, done. Curtain, done. Furniture, almost done. Auto-gate, done. Electrical items, almost done. Cash out was really outrageous! Even those small2 things cost a lot! Currently laying low on any expenditure for our home. Will resume back on any pending items, but not anytime soon though.

Family addition

· My older brother’s married to the ever beautiful Farah Nadiah. Adi, Farah, sorry took me a really long time to announce this. Lotsa things with u noe whatever s**t stuffs. Will post more pixies, dun worry (though I dunno when..but I will, promise).

· Aunty’s pregnant. Yeay! Due somewhere in May. 2times scan shows I’m gonna have a new brother soon. Yippee!

· Got a new niece (Eryna’s second cousin). Nur Aleesya Nabila. Hope I got the name & spelling right. Congrates to both K.Julia & A.Nadzrul. Heard dat she’s a spitting image of Wawa. InsyaAllah we’ll be down there soon. Tungguu..

· Cousin, Nizam’s engaged. To be married on June. Another trip to Kelantan, yeay! Hopefully dis time we manage to do some shopping there.

There’s a lot more things to update. Will find a time to tell it all before I forgot all about it. Till then..

4 comments on "Finally, some update!"

Pak Chaq said...

Had a blast day with dear Eryna masa balik Chinese New Year holiday.. Layan Eryna x hingat.. da balik ni rindu Eryna lak.. Mak chaq dia pun rindu bangat sama Eryna

NuLi FotoBloG on March 2, 2010 at 2:22 PM said...

akhir nyaaaaa... terupdate gak blog yerr....

Mummy Faridah on March 24, 2010 at 3:01 PM said...

waah....what a very fast growth of eryna... dah bole cakap... and potty trainnnnnn! my gosh! how on earth this very tiny minie bole stay on tht poopy pot??? dia tak busily moving kerr? waaahhh.... sgt terrer la ko elly.... ajar aku la..... nak ajar syifa potty jugak la cam tue.. congratss utk rumah baru.... wow... sure sgt heppi.... snap la a few pixies hotel kau tu..... hihiii. miss to hear frm u dear!

an on April 7, 2010 at 2:27 AM said...

finally, update jgak..jyeahhhhhhh!!. :).

p/s: ingat kak long. if kak long malas update. nanti eryna marah bila dia dh besaq. :PP


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