Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Surviving today!

Arrggghhhh...I totally hate it when I forgot to bring things to work!! Last time it was handphone.. Seriously, I find it difficult to survive 91/2 hrs without phone...I went running here & there borrowing phone from people (like a mad-woman) & really tiring lerrr...Another time it was my wallet, but still OK la, since I can still borrow money for lunch or worst come to worst, I can just go fasting..

But dis time is da worst..I forgot to bring bottle for my pumping session!! Uwaaaa... I usually do a double pumping using my Spectra3, but today I only brought 1 bottle with me..What am I to do with 2 breastshields but only 1 bottle?!!??... So dis morning I can only manage to do single pumping for only 20mins (time is always crucial) & only manage to pump 3oz of BM instead of da usual 7oz!!

Darn it!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Me, Michael Jackson & The Radio Station

Today is really not a good day for me (at least da first half of it)...It is so surprising how one crude remark from a colleague can ruin your entire day (my day actually). It took me 5sec to realize dat I'm rather hurt by his remarks even though I know dat he meant it as a joke (really? doubtful..)....

It's rather embarrassing to admit dat what my colleague says could have whatever impact on me. But it really did. Suddenly remember ; "take everything positively", is what my father always say. Easy to say difficult to do lerrr...

We can choose to be reactive to our environment. If people treat us well, we will feel well, if they dont, we will feel bad & become defensive. But on da other hand, we can also choose to be proactive & not let our situation determine how we will feel. We are da one who choose how to react. Proactive people are driven by values dat are independent of how people treat them, or whatever happens around them. Our response to what happens to us affects us more than what actually happened (so true..)

OK all been said, decided to be proactive & take it positively! Yeay! My father's years of preaching has not been in vain & finally paid off.. :) (Abah, hope u are reading dis & be proud..haha..ala..menda cikai pon nk moody2..blah aa...huahua..) My father is a devotee to Stephen Covey's number 1 best seller book "7 habit of a highly effective people"...Which might explain how the first habit (Be proactive) has always stuck on my mind & almost implanted in my brain. But rarely practiced, to be honest..*sigh*..
Nevertheless, it took a trip to my baby's nursery & loads of Michael Jackson's songs to get me to be proactive..hu3...

On my way back to BM (around 30minutes after the 'incident'), stop by at Eryna's nursery which is just 5mins away from KHTP. She was sleeping & seeing her peaceful face is really relaxing & all my anger & worries just slip away. Seriously, I can just sit there whole day staring at her face (masa tgh tido la..klu die tgh bangun, mau die cakar2 muka mama ni..*wink*..) Suddenly feels really stupid for being angry at my colleague's remarks earlier..Portion of my anger has already gone by now..(it's nothing to be angry about to begin with..maybe I'm just being oversensitive?) ...:)

Have been listening to MJ's song along da way & by da time I reach BM, all my irritation has vanished & I'm almost my old self again..Yippee... Most of da radio stations have been playing MJ's song since early morning as a tribute to him. Be it hitz fm, fly fm, mix fm, etc, etc..I've been changing from one station to another station & it will be playing all of MJ's top song; Beat It, Earth Song, Thriller, Man in The Mirror (my fav song),Billie Jean, Bad, etc....

Heard on da radio dis morning, dis one caller have been crying from 6am until 11am++ since she heard da news of MJ departure. She even took an emergency leave today! (Well IMO, luckily tomorrow's weekend or else she might have to take another emergency leave, because of those red puffy eyes, cyring non-stop for almost 6hrs!)..Another caller said dat most of MJ songs has inspired him soo much & practically shaped him to what he is today...Wondering how can a song can give such an impact to one person?

Well, personally I'm not really a big fan of MJ. But I do admit dat he had such a great voice & I love most of his songs (yang top2 aje la..;p )...Find myself wondering, what izit about his songs dat took away all my tensions today? Izit da music? Or izit da lyrics? Errmm..I dont think so...But now I realized dat when I listen to his songs, it brings me back to da times where I was still young & there are not much things to worry about & just dance to da music..And dat's what really comforting about MJ's songs dat I hear today...Anybody shares da same feeling?

Rambling much today huh? *sigh*...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Penang National Park & Pantai Kerachut

Went to Penang National Park last weekend for a picnic with a group of frens, name; amil&oja, jeri&nuli&irdina, sazrul&aida&safwan, adnin&ali, optimus prime (ya optimus prime juga hadir pada hari tersebut), reza&k.wana & jan&fiancée.

Dis is my first time at Penang National Park but unfortunately didnt get da chance to have a look around since we arrived around 1230noon & directly find a boat to Pantai Kerachut since everybody’s hungry like cavemen (speaking of myself & dear hubby. Luckily it’s just about 5mins journey, or else I would have eaten whatever I had on hand & take note dat I was holding Eryna’s rice porridge & even da porridge looks really yummy!). And by da time we got back, it was almost 6pm, Eryna’s sleeping & we haven’t performed Asar prayer, so rushed back to Kulim right away. Making a mental note to go back there for a full tour anytime soon. J

It was too hot for comfort, but company's great, food's delicious & scenes beautiful, so overal it was a very enjoyable outing.

Encounter a bit of adventurous moment while we were there though. It was on our way back from Pantai Kerachut. Why for da love of God does da boat driver left us near a rather abandoned ship (read: a very old fishing boat), is a mystery to me.

Well, at first I thought we oredi reach our destination, but to my surprise, we have to climb a ladder from da so called ship up to da jetty summore. And what a jetty it was! The ladder wasn’t any fun either; it’s 180degrees vertically, mind you..We mothers had a very ghastly moment watching our babies being passed one by one.

The jetty is slightly slanted & crooked much to my horror! And the ‘papan’ is very very old & looks like it gonna break da moment I set my foot on it! Plus it gives a really horrifying ‘kreek..kreek..’ sound at my every steps…(no, I’m not exaggerating!). Wait, dat was not da end of it... We have to walk thru da almost-broke-down-jetty which length to about 300m approximately. And guess what? Dearly beloved, wonderful, handsome, lovely hubby even asked me to ‘lead’ da journey of hell…(hating him all da way to solid ground..love him back to death when both me & Eryna safely arrived though..*wink*..) Ok, so dat’s da end of our day picnicking at Penang National Park.

Stole below pictures from falinali (adakah perlu saya bayar En Mas Ali & Puan Adnin Falina?)

p/s- Dear hubby is really lazy to upload his pictures..why took all da pictures in da first place then? He3…jgn marah ye En Mohd Afzal)..

Monday, June 22, 2009

Tagged by Faridah

My fren Faridah leaves a shout for me yesterday evening.."Elia, ada soklan tag utk ko"... And I was "What is tag?"....name tag? tag heuer? technical advisory group (IEEE std)? Demn...I'm such a newbie..*sigh* Neway, here goes:

Rules: It's harder than it looks! Copy to your own post, erase my answers, enter yours and tag people you want. Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real; nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question.

My name begins with K...At first wanted to go with E, but I guess K is easier...haha..*wink*

1. What is your name :
Ku Elianie Syarmy Binti Ku Hilmy (wah fullname gitu)

2. A four letter word :

3. A boy's name :
Kamarul (vendor)

4. A girl's name :
Khadijah (colleague)

5. An occupation :
Kuli (my job now)

6. A color :
Kuning (not my fav colour, be it kuning cair or kuning pekat)

7. Something you'll wear:

8. A food :
Ketam masak cili api (fuffooo..teringinnyaaaa)

9. Something found in the bathroom:
Kepala paip?

10. A place :
Korea (currently dig on Korean drama at KBS (astro channel 303 : The Accidental Couple; Wednesday & Thursday at 9:00PM..very funny!!!!)

11. A reason for being late :
ku malas pergi kirijaaaa..

12. Something you'd shout :
Kucing!!! (Yes, I'm dat weird kind of girl who's afraid of cats)

13. A movie title :
Karate Kid (my favourite movie 15yrs back)

14. Something you drink :
Kopi (though i dont really drink coffee dat much)

15. A musical group :

Kasabian (Yes, there is. Feel free to google it)

16. An animal :
Kuda (cannot repeat kucing twice)

17. A street name:
Kelawei Street

18. A type of car:
Kelisa? (Does dat answers da question?)

19. Title of a song:
Kekasih Awal dan Akhir by Jamal Abdillah (my mother's favourite song)

Huh, QED! Haha.. OK, wanna tag below people now...
  1. Jeri
  2. K.Julia
  3. Cik Azi
  4. Sandra

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

9months of Wonderful Pregnacy

Been browsing thru our old folders & found few photos shot during my 7mths of pregnancy..Thought dat I might share my pregnancy story so dat I wont forget about it over da time (not dat I would ever forget the most exhilarating experience in my life!).

I still remember da day I took da pregnancy test. It was after asar prayer, been reading da pregnancy test kit’s instruction while waiting for dear hubby done with his abulation. (bought da pregnacy kit test after I was 2weeks late, since every month my period would come like clock-work) While hubby’s at his asar prayer, took da test, wait for a few minutes…….TWO LINES! Alhamdulillah… Kept staring at dat test kit with tears (happy one ok. *wink*)…Been crying happily until hubby done with his prayer & showed it to him…hugged him & cry summore (what izit dat link women & happiness & tears??)..hu3…I couldn't wrap my head around da fact dat there was a real human being growing inside of me. We were having a baby!

My 1st trimester was not dat easy. (unlucky, I guess!) I have morning sickness, food aversions esp to rice & I didn't even have dat much appetite. Luckily it only last for a month..But fatigue, on da other hand, hit me hard. It started from my 5mths & last until da end of my pregnancy. What with da workload, travelling to customer site,pml panel eval,etc,etc,etc…*sigh* And I have been hugging da toilet seat multiple times a day, much to my dismay..But,da bean (aka Eryna :)) was growing healthy and I overall was in great shape. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

As weeks passed by it became better and better. Fatigue is almost bearable. I've learn to take a 5mins break every now and then, juz not to overstressed myself out. And mood swings are less frequent (for which dear hubby is grateful)..I started getting da first flutters/pops movement quite late I guess, around 18 weeks. Around 23weeks Eryna started to do da mexican wave dat really tickles my belly.Dear hubby and I could feel and see da baby move, which is absolutely da most exciting thing of all!

Da funny this was, with 2 time scans, & both doctors confirmed dat we are having a boy..oredi bought all the blue-boy stuffs & end-up having Eryna! :) Plus all those comments "perut muncung ke depan ni, lelaki ni.." Duh.. No wonder people have been asking “boy or girl?”..with her blue-lion-pyjamas…pity dear Eryna..

On my 37weeks,we were on our way to Carrefour to pile up on our weekly stock when hubby suggested dat we register to Dewan Bersalin Muslimah, in case we decided not to have da baby at govt hosp..it was 830am; hubby: ‘kite g register dulu la..dh setel nnt dh xkalut kt C4 nnt”… So, went there, do da regular checkup and da nurse: “adik ni dh bukak dkt 3cm dh ni..nk kena admit dh ni”..And I went “what??!!??”…around 1230 noon, starting to feel da contraction..I've never been so happy about being in pain..around 330 pm it was open almost 10cm & I was pushed to labor room…Thanks to my dear hubby for being there with me in da labor room...feel so much safer & stronger when he's around....402pm; “Eryna, welcome to da world”.. :)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Eryna, Tok Ti & Tok Abah

Last weekend had been a very enjoyable one since my parents was here visiting...yippee...

As usual, my dearie Eryna would be really2 excited with sumone/sumthing new..And end up went to sleep at almost midnight during dat weekend. It's a long holiday for me as well, in conjunction with Agung's befday & da extra 1day leave I took on Friday..but still not enough ler.. hu3..

Eryna the Ballerina

Costume sponsored by Pak Chaq...TQ Pak Chaq from Mommy,Abah & BB Eryna.. :)

It's reallllllly hard & difficult to get Eryna smile to the camera...fuhh..
Whenever she saw da camera it's like " hellppp...there's a big, ugly monster in front of meee"...Anyway, let's dance with Eryna..

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Blogging Rules & Regulations

A fren of mine told me dis morning:

"weh...blog mana ada tulis panjang2..kena letak gmbr byk2 sket..."

(grrr...criticizing my blog so early in the morning..)

Errr...did somebody juz come along & create a set of rules on dis while I wasn't watching? I thought blog is more like an online diaries? And according to wikipedia, most blogs are primarily textual which further proves my point. *wink*

But yes I do agree, it would definitely look more 'lively' if I were to put lots & lots of pictures rite..?

p/s - girl, xdak picture to put liao...u think i got nothing better to do than snapping picture here & there all day long for ur pleasure?? muahaha..kidding la dear...I'm juz spoiling for an argument + needed something to update my blog..do feel honored dat I specially post dis for u..haha..*wink*..u noe who u are... ;p

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