Thursday, June 25, 2009

Penang National Park & Pantai Kerachut

Went to Penang National Park last weekend for a picnic with a group of frens, name; amil&oja, jeri&nuli&irdina, sazrul&aida&safwan, adnin&ali, optimus prime (ya optimus prime juga hadir pada hari tersebut), reza&k.wana & jan&fiancée.

Dis is my first time at Penang National Park but unfortunately didnt get da chance to have a look around since we arrived around 1230noon & directly find a boat to Pantai Kerachut since everybody’s hungry like cavemen (speaking of myself & dear hubby. Luckily it’s just about 5mins journey, or else I would have eaten whatever I had on hand & take note dat I was holding Eryna’s rice porridge & even da porridge looks really yummy!). And by da time we got back, it was almost 6pm, Eryna’s sleeping & we haven’t performed Asar prayer, so rushed back to Kulim right away. Making a mental note to go back there for a full tour anytime soon. J

It was too hot for comfort, but company's great, food's delicious & scenes beautiful, so overal it was a very enjoyable outing.

Encounter a bit of adventurous moment while we were there though. It was on our way back from Pantai Kerachut. Why for da love of God does da boat driver left us near a rather abandoned ship (read: a very old fishing boat), is a mystery to me.

Well, at first I thought we oredi reach our destination, but to my surprise, we have to climb a ladder from da so called ship up to da jetty summore. And what a jetty it was! The ladder wasn’t any fun either; it’s 180degrees vertically, mind you..We mothers had a very ghastly moment watching our babies being passed one by one.

The jetty is slightly slanted & crooked much to my horror! And the ‘papan’ is very very old & looks like it gonna break da moment I set my foot on it! Plus it gives a really horrifying ‘kreek..kreek..’ sound at my every steps…(no, I’m not exaggerating!). Wait, dat was not da end of it... We have to walk thru da almost-broke-down-jetty which length to about 300m approximately. And guess what? Dearly beloved, wonderful, handsome, lovely hubby even asked me to ‘lead’ da journey of hell…(hating him all da way to solid him back to death when both me & Eryna safely arrived though..*wink*..) Ok, so dat’s da end of our day picnicking at Penang National Park.

Stole below pictures from falinali (adakah perlu saya bayar En Mas Ali & Puan Adnin Falina?)

p/s- Dear hubby is really lazy to upload his pictures..why took all da pictures in da first place then? He3…jgn marah ye En Mohd Afzal)..

5 comments on "Penang National Park & Pantai Kerachut"

ain on June 25, 2009 at 2:22 PM said...

seronoknya gi kelah ramai2!!! akak lama sungguh tak tengok pantai. gian dah ni.hihi

D@puR D@n OvEn on June 25, 2009 at 4:42 PM said...

Ahhhh... Tak mau ingat bab yang lalu jambatan horror tu.. Sepanjang lalu situ dok pikir camnala kalau jatuh ni...

ali on June 26, 2009 at 1:03 AM said...

haha, takyah bayar la.. cincai cincai je.
kitorang pun asar kat carrefour itu hari

Faridah Hassan on June 26, 2009 at 12:21 PM said...

Wa.. veri2 heppi la. Anak ko and anak si 'Sazzy' tu mcm sama jer kan

Mommy Eryna on June 26, 2009 at 1:36 PM said...

To K.Ain - haah seronok sgt2...ha klu dh gian kena la gi kelah kt pantai cepat2.. :)

To Jeri - hu3..elia pon pk menda yg sama...cuba sedaya upaya xnk tgk laut kt Eryna siap blh tido plak otw jln tu...penat sgt agaknya...

To Ali - ha3 tenkiu2..seb baik xyah bayar..ku seluk poket kiri, xdak duit, ku seluk poket kanan, pon xdak jugak... ;)

To Farid - ha3..mmg veri2 hepi gtu.. :) sama ek? aku pon kdg2 rasa mcm sama jugak...especially tang rambut tu...anak sazzy ni serius tau...xmacam bapak dia langsung..ktrg panggil mr. serius...hehe..tapi bile senyummm...comeeeeeeiiiillll sgt2.. :)


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