Thursday, May 28, 2009

Eryna with Fever

Last Sunday, my Eryna had a fever few hours after her 5months immunization & spiked up until 38.8°C around 630PM, which is when we brave da streets & bring her to Singapore Specialist at Taman Selasih. According to da paed, da normal scheduled immunization for infants would rarely follows with a fever & he was also quite surprised with da rise in her temp & decided to treat her with antibiotic & a half pill of bottom med to reduce da body temperature. Eryna’s less active (a bit) but still drinking well, no trace of hard knots around the injection shot & does not look discomfort, much to my relief.

Since da paed statement is a bit contradict to what have been told by da nurses at Klinik Kesihatan, I did a little research on it (read: surfing da internet & googled “immunization fever”). Here’s a few facts dat I tumbled upon.

  • Fever after immunaztion is really quite normal but it shud go away pretty quick, less than 3 days (without any meds).

  • Fever is simply a signal dat ur child’s body's immune system has increased its response, probably to fight off a virus or bacterial infection. Da fever itself is necessary for ur child's body to get better.

  • Most parents worry (how can we not worry??) that fever will do some damage to their child. They have heard that children can have seizures if their temperatures go above 105°C. Few children actually do experience what doctors call febrile seizures, which occur in less than 4% of children under five years of age. Administering fever-reducing drugs has NEVER been shown to reduce the incidence of seizures. Also, seizures are usually caused by a rapid rise in temperature, not from a high fever as some believe. In addition, studies show that febrile seizures do not cause any kind of brain damage in children (but still, it’s not an experience any parent would want to have).

  • The body has an internal mechanism which will not allow the fever to go as high as 107 degrees. Fever is helpful because it increases the amount of interferon in the blood, as well as raising the number of white blood cells available to destroy bacteria and infected cells. Fever also impairs the ability of many bacteria and viruses to multiply. By allowing the fever to run its course, and by not giving fever reducing drugs, you assist the body in getting well faster.
  • Ok back to da fever, here’s what I did for Eryna. Dressed her with a light clothing as to allow heat to escape from her body (point to note: if ur child start to shiver, u might want to cover them with a light blanket). Checked her body temperature every hour (juz being pre-cautious). Luke warm baths every 4hrs.I’ve been told dat it wont help much to bring down da fever, but it does help to make her a bit comfortable. “Kool Fever” came to da rescue…I placed 1pc on her forehead & 2 small pcs under her armpits. Feed her as often as she needs, to avoid dehydration.

    Ok, below are a must have at my home. If you think I might need to add anything else, kindly let me know..

    p/s- I’m not a medical doctor, I’m only retelling of what I’ve been told & what I practiced when Eryna had a fever (which is only 2 times including dis one ;) ). Which would tell u dat I’m not really an expert, ok..

    p/p/s- There’s a battle of argument regarding whether a child really need da immunizations/vaccine after all. I’ve read a few webs dat’s against immunizations for children & da story is really frightening. I’ll try to find few facts on dis & blog about it later.

    Labuan Oh Labuan..

    Have u ever fell melancholy for no apparent reason?? Well, I do.. And today is da day.. :(

    Dis morning while I was doing my work (while listening to 'Taking Back My Love' by Enrique Iglesias & Ciara); I suddenly and I DO MEAN SUDDENLY, feel a little bit sad & melancholy..

    And I realized dat I MISS MY HOMETOWN, LABUAN!!! I truly madly deeply do! (and yes, I'm a Labuanese). It's been almost 4 years since da last time I went back home..

    I miss my old friends.
    I miss my old school, Sek. Men Sains Labuan a.k.a SMEXCEL (Excel konon *wink*).
    I miss my old teachers.
    I miss Petronas Methanol Labuan (where I did my intern).
    I miss Pizza Hut at Ujana Kewangan.
    I miss KFC juz around da corner.
    I miss mee goreng at Malindo.
    I miss the very delicious sate at Layang2.
    I miss eating pisang goreng cicah sambal at....arghh I even forget the name of dat place!
    I miss keowteow kungfu at Port View.
    I miss drinking milk tea with bubbles with my very best friend, Tasha.
    I miss eating Soto Papar & gado2.
    I miss Singapore Chicken Rice shop (though I heard it's not Halal anymore.Demnn.)
    I miss jogging at Labuan Complex (not dat I jogged there very often!).
    I miss my old home at Sawangan China.
    I even miss da fish market!!

    Hmmmm...I miss everything about Labuannn..*sigh*sigh*...Labuan oh Labuannn...Hopefully there'll be bonus/profit sharing for this month. At least I can add & allocate another item to my saving list; "Labuan Mission". Hopefully can get the super saving ticket to Labuan. Hopefully my boss will approve my plan for a long holiday.Hmmmm...a lot to hope for huh?

    Sunday, May 17, 2009


    OK, this entry is especially for kak ila..She's been asking on how did I manage my EBM stock. OK, I'm not the kind of mother who is really fortunate to have an abundant supply of milk, but I'm fortunate dat my milk supply is 'juz enough' for my Eryna. I'm able to pump around 24oz of milk daily (include midnight tandem pump) & Eryna's currently need around 21oz of EBM daily at nursery. So, I at least have around 3oz of EBM to keep for stock.

    I'm not really an expert, but from my reading, dis is how I apply. Since daily I need to supply 21oz of EBM to Eryna's nursery, I will provide at least 15oz of fresh EBM (eg: today's pump EBM for tomorrow's nursery supply) & 6oz of frozen EBM. Dat's mean, daily I'll rotate around 6oz of frozen EBM.Always rotate with da oldest EBM so dat it wont go to waste. p/s- frozen EBM can be keep for as long as 3months (2-door fridge).

    Always store EBM at the back of your refrigerator & freezer, so dat it wont be directly exposed with any temperature changes. But, unfortunately, my fridge aren't dat big enough, so da only way I can 'susun' my EBM stock is as below.

    p/s- ha k.ila, camni la yani susun, berserabut lain xtau la..he3..

    Cuti-Cuti Kelantan & Terengganu

    This entry's a bit late. But better late than never, rite? We've had da chance to go cuti2 Kelantan & Terengganu last 2 weeks during Labour Day. We went this time with a mission. Jalan2 cari makan la apa lagi.. ;)

    But a little let down though, since we did not manage to go to da Sua Rasa event (jam gilerrr) & also our plan to eat out at 'De Village' (hope da spelling is right, kelantanese please correct me if i'm wrong) xkesampaian since da restaurant was closed for da night.. :( (i think it's closed because of da sua rasa event la kot?)

    But nevertheless, we really enjoyed our dinner at Pantai Cahaya Bulan. Hubby forced me to eat "Belut masak Paprik"..OK la, not dat bad...

    We went to Terengganu to pay a visit to our new niece, Nur Zahra Azalea..I've blogged dis in my previous entry..Then take dis chance to have a look at Masjid Kristal..Cantik sungguh.. :) Here's a few photos on our 3day2nights trip.. :)

    Tuesday, May 12, 2009

    My Breastfeeding Journey Part II : Panic Attack

    MAYDAY!! Eryna's daily EBM (Expressed BreastMilk) for nursery just increase from 15oz to a shocking 21oz in just 1 week! As I usually bf Eryna before her abah send her to nursery, Eryna's daily feeding would be around 10AM, 1PM, 3PM & 5PM and I usually direct feed her when we reached home which usually around 630PM. So 4 times feeding & around 3oz per feeding, Eryna would need around 12oz daily at nursery but I would always prepare an extra 3oz bottle for emergency cases.

    Daily at nursery : (4 times feeding x 3oz) + (3oz for emergency) = 15oz

    (Yes I know, I'm all about figures. Juz wanna make sure dat Eryna get enough of EBM & in da same time to ensure dat I wont waste any of my EBM stock)

    Received a SMS from 1 of Eryna's babysitter; "Kak, tambah lagi 1 botol utk Puteri ye"..Then the next 2 days "Kak, tambah lagi 1 botol, semua skali 7botol ye"...I guess, since Eryna now, dh pandai lompat2, she would spent more time playing than sleeping..

    Panic : I only manage to pump 2 times (3 times if I'm lucky); around 6-7oz per session. So 14oz during worktime. That means I need to add another session during night time so that I can keep the EBM dat I tandem pump during midnight for stock.

    Fuh, hoping dat I can get thru this..191/2 months to go!

    Monday, May 11, 2009

    "And the Oscar goes to..."

    Mommy eryna!. Yeay!! (*happy*) Muahaha.. thanks jeri for the award.. I didn’t even know that there is an award in blogging world..well maybe becoz I’m not an active blogger myself eh?

    The rules are :
    1. Post this award at your blog.
    2. Present this award to 10 blogs which u think is the most inspirational, amiable, lovely, congenial & nice.
      (tanpa mengikut turutan)
    First blog dat came to my thought was my hubby’s, but when I told dat to him, his reaction was “huh? What award?”…I guess probably he do not care for it (huh, men..)
    So, the next award goes to..:

    OK…dat’s it..dat’s da only 2blogs dat I can think of…seriously, da rest of my friends all go for facebook..I’ll add more if I can think of any k…or any blogger who wud like dis award juz let me noe ya... ;)

    Friday, May 8, 2009


    Hereby, I'm proud to announce; Nur Zahra Azalea (hope I get the spelling right)... *clap*clap*

    Zara (as we’d like to call her *wink*) is my new niece, daughter to my cousin A.Pitt, 3rd grandchild to my MakChaq & 4th great-granchild to my TokPiah.

    At 22days old, I think she looks a bit like her father.. aiya got no picture of a.pitt to show lar.. Cute kann?.. hmm..reminded me of Eryna when she’s about 2-3weeks old.. (memories splashing)

    Happy Mother's Day

    I've been meaning to blog about my mother but everytime I tried, I always find myself lost of words. Mother's day would always bring back memories of my late mother. Thinking dat I can never see her again would always bring cold shudders down my spine & sometimes it's just so hard to believe dat she's really gone.

    I cant even remember if I've ever told her dat I love her sooo much, dat I always miss her when she's not around, dat I always appreciate she listening to my 'small talk', dat I always crave her delicious cooking, dat I'm always thankful for her letters, dat I finally understood dat her scolds mean dat she cares & many more million things dat I wish I had told her.

    There are a lot of things dat I wish I'd done for her but da only thing left now is my prayer.

    Ya Allah, please bless my mother for da endless hours of time dat she spent.
    Bless my mother for always being there for me.
    For being da person I know I can turn to when I need comfort & encouragement.
    Bless my mother for making a home for me where I could feel safe & where I felt I belonged.
    Most of all, bless my mother for her unconditional love & for loving me no matter what.

    Mak, I truly hope dat you know juz how much I love & miss you.
    I promise dat I will always try to be the good person/daughter/mother dat you want me to be. Every day, I try my best to be a mother to Eryna like the mother you were to me.
    You're not juz a mother to me, you were my friend & the anchor of my life

    And I'd like to take dis chance to wish all mothers out there A VERY HAPPY & PROPEROUS MOTHER'S DAY. Let us be the best mother to our child.

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