Thursday, May 28, 2009

Labuan Oh Labuan..

Have u ever fell melancholy for no apparent reason?? Well, I do.. And today is da day.. :(

Dis morning while I was doing my work (while listening to 'Taking Back My Love' by Enrique Iglesias & Ciara); I suddenly and I DO MEAN SUDDENLY, feel a little bit sad & melancholy..

And I realized dat I MISS MY HOMETOWN, LABUAN!!! I truly madly deeply do! (and yes, I'm a Labuanese). It's been almost 4 years since da last time I went back home..

I miss my old friends.
I miss my old school, Sek. Men Sains Labuan a.k.a SMEXCEL (Excel konon *wink*).
I miss my old teachers.
I miss Petronas Methanol Labuan (where I did my intern).
I miss Pizza Hut at Ujana Kewangan.
I miss KFC juz around da corner.
I miss mee goreng at Malindo.
I miss the very delicious sate at Layang2.
I miss eating pisang goreng cicah sambal at....arghh I even forget the name of dat place!
I miss keowteow kungfu at Port View.
I miss drinking milk tea with bubbles with my very best friend, Tasha.
I miss eating Soto Papar & gado2.
I miss Singapore Chicken Rice shop (though I heard it's not Halal anymore.Demnn.)
I miss jogging at Labuan Complex (not dat I jogged there very often!).
I miss my old home at Sawangan China.
I even miss da fish market!!

Hmmmm...I miss everything about Labuannn..*sigh*sigh*...Labuan oh Labuannn...Hopefully there'll be bonus/profit sharing for this month. At least I can add & allocate another item to my saving list; "Labuan Mission". Hopefully can get the super saving ticket to Labuan. Hopefully my boss will approve my plan for a long holiday.Hmmmm...a lot to hope for huh?

4 comments on "Labuan Oh Labuan.."

Sandra said...

emo btul post ko ni... I miss tamu!!! Of course got pasar malam here but it's still different from tamu2 di Sabah... miss my hometown too, tsk... tsk...

Mommy Eryna on May 29, 2009 at 10:58 AM said...

very true!!! pasar mlm & tamu completely different.... missing labuan even more..

Tasha said...

bah elia, balik la bah :) kita pg minum tu bubble tea, this time with ur baby eryna. :)

Mommy Eryna on June 1, 2009 at 11:12 AM said...

mauuuu....akan kami plan utk blk labuan dlm masa terdekat ni...InAllah..


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