Thursday, July 9, 2009

My BP Gear

Almost a week since I last update my blog...(not dat anybody waiting or anything, yes I noe dat...*stuck out tongue*)..Juz wanna introduce my precious (say it like Gollum from Lord of The Ring) in dis entry..Aside from my family & frens (obviously), one of my precious thing is my BP gear; Spectra 3, dat helps me go thru 6mths++ of fully breastfeed my dear Eryna. Whole set of Spectra 3 BP set consist of pump motor/body, 1 bottle with teat & cap, 1 conversion kit for wide neck bottle (Avent bottle), 1 breast shield set & 1 tubing.

Need to buy another extra 1 set of breastshield & tubing (i think da retail price is around RM70) to use da double pumping feature. From my previous entry, dis is the breast shield I was talking about. I'm not completely sure if I got da name right for each component, but cincai lar aa..

I truly lurrve my S3..It's da most affordable electric BP in da market with a double pumping option..Compact size, not dat heavy (~1.4kg), very quiet & long life span. There are 2 incidents with my S3 dat almost give me a heart-attack. Once is when my S3 accidently drop my sofa (long story) & another time is when I asked my sleepy-dear-hubby to bring my S3 inside bedroom for midnight pumping and it slipped from his hand, gedebush! But Alhamdulillah still works like magic.. :) So I can assuredly say dat S3 ni betul2 tahan lasak..

I bought my S3 from littlewhiz & luckily got quite an offer at dat time. I spent less than RM400 for a set of S3+extra 1 set of breastshield. Well, I dunno how much it will cost to buy formula milk monthly, but I guess for a total 6months without da need to spent on FM, investing on my S3 is totally worth it...Plus I got an excuse to buy a really nice bag (i blog about dis in my earlier entry) to put my S3 for me to bring to work...

For anybody who's searching for BP, I would highly recommend buying S3..The only disadvantage of S3 is dat you need to have a power supply to operate. So anybody with higher budget, Medela Free-Stlye might also be a good investment..I got a good review from a dear fren of mine, Faridah who's using FS...If I ever need to invest on another BP in da future, I wont think twice before buying S3, coz it's really a treasure, but I might want to consider FS as well since I'm totally in love with the compact size, electric/battery option & double pumping features.. :)

4 comments on "My BP Gear"

Whoelses on July 10, 2009 at 3:10 PM said...

simpan for future reference

Ku Izrul said...

OK. now i know nape mintak nama Golum from LOTR tu. Sbb utk entry ni rupanya :D

Lady Qay on July 16, 2009 at 3:15 PM said...

i pun guna s3 n i love it,..hehe

Mommy Eryna on July 17, 2009 at 2:31 PM said...

To Whoelses: sile2..ada byk lagik brand/option lain in da market, tp for me S3 ni pon dh gud enuff.. :)

To Adi: yes, lama gler try nk igt nama tu..I noe it starts from 'G'..but only "Gandalf" pops into my mind...Duh..

To LadyQay: tu la..memula sy hesitate gak nk beli...but until now havent regret buying it.. :)


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