Friday, July 17, 2009

Wake-Up Reminder (We Plan & Allah Plans)

One of my reminder on why I love my dear hubby so much & how much wiser he is than me. This conversation was around 9months ago while I was still pregnant with Eryna; planning on normal delivery. :) I always prayed dat I will be able to deliver normal instead of c-sect & frequently asked my hubby to also 'pray for me'.

Me : Abg, doa eiya blh deliver normal k..xmo la c-sect..
Hubby : Ok InAllah...

Me : Abg, jgn lupa doa utk eiya k...deliver normal murah sket.. he3...
Hubby : xpe...jgn risau, ade lah duit tu...

Me : Abg, doa tk utk eiya td?
Hubby : ye abg doa yg terbaik utk eiya...klu deliver normal tu yg terbaik, abg minta Allah permudahkan eiya deliver normal.. tp klu c-sect yg terbaik utk eiya, kita redha je itu yg Allah dh rancang utk kita..

At dat time, it was like a smack right on my head! I stopped my relentless worries bout my delivery term & hearing dat from him really ease my mind. I did deliver normal though..Alhamdulillah.. :)

He constantly remind me dat; we, mortals, plan. And so does Allah & Allah is always da better planner. Some things are beyond planning. And life doesnt always turn out as planned. Most of da times, what we want & what we get are two different things. But dat doesnt necessarily mean dat it's not a good thing.

Sometimes, it is difficult to understand Allah's plans especially when His plans are not in consonance with ours. Often, when He sends us crisis, we turn to Him in anger. True, we cant choose what Allah wishes us to carry, but we can carry it with courage knowing dat He will never abandon us nor send something dat we cant cope with. I thinks there is a hadith or something?

I think, sometimes Allah breaks our spirit, only to save our soul. Sometimes He breaks our heart to make us whole. Sometimes He allows pain so we can grow stronger. Sometimes He sends us failure so we can learn to be humble. Sometimes He gives us illness so we can take better care of ourselves. And sometimes Allah takes everything away so we can learn da value of everything He gave us. It does make sense dont u think?

But dat does not mean dat we do not need to do anything, though.
Make plans, but understand dat we always live by Allah's grace.

2 comments on "Wake-Up Reminder (We Plan & Allah Plans)"

ku izrul said...

way to go sure u'll take gud care of my sis n eryna

whoelses said...

that is why i said, fate is an option.

Apa yg kita pilih tu adalah takdir hidup kita.

we get what we put in and deserve what we were deserved..(dah lupa lirik lagi KidRow, "held high"). itu lah kehidupan..

bersyukurlah.. dan Allah jadikan ujian untuk kita kenali diri bila behadapan dgn Allh nanti..

dan kalau sy ada buat kesilapan, sama2 kita ingat mengingati..


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