Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sugar oh Sugar

With all these chaotic-news-rumors dat sugar is depleting; a few friends asked me:

Friend1 : Yani, dh ada stok gula blm?
Friend2 : Eh, dkt Minat, Poh Lye, seme gula dh abis..better beli cepat2..
Friend3 : Sy ada extra 5kg gula, Yani nk tk?

I sincerely thanks all my friends for their concerns..

Answer1 : Ye dh ada, satu kilo enough la..
Answer2 : Xpe dh ada sekilo kt umah, cukup la..
Answer3 : Xpe, yani ngan hubby kt umah makin nasik, xmakan gula..(No, I'm not being sarcastic, ok..I'm juz joking with dis dear friend of mine)

Da truth is, sugar does not really play an important role in my almost-non-existent-daily-cooking-mission..But if somebody comes to me screaming "cili padi is depleting" or "cabai kering is depleting" or "santan is depleting"; then it's a lot of different story..If dat is da case, I would probably be da first one running to da nearest store to stock up a pile..

But if it is sugar, here are a few points to further strengthen my argument:

  1. 3in1-instant-quick-no hastle-milo-nescafe-horlick-tea-policy. (somebody might say "such a waste of money la buying 3in1"..Yeah right. As if 1teabag per cup or 1 pot of tea for only 2persons is such a saver..duh..)
  2. Sweet drinks? Always a no-sugar-needed cordial.
  3. Eryna's meal? no salt, NO SUGAR, no MSG, no added flavor for 2yrs.
  4. Cakes? Unfortunately I dont bake cakes. Well, at least not NOW. I cant really say for future though. I might enhance my cooking skills, who noes?
  5. Cookies for Hari Raya? As if I have da time (read: I'm juz plain lazy, dats it..*wink*). Plus I'm fulfilling my social responsibility by helping hidden-talent-entrepreneurs out there by spending my money on their very delicious home-bake cookies.
Well, all been said, my occasional use of sugar is juz 2-3 table spoons for whatever it is I'm cooking for dinner/lunch for da day to "bangkitkan rasa manis lauk" is what my grandma always told me..which is not really much rite? So when question asked is "does sugar depleting really have an impact on me?"

Sadly NO (well, not really)... :)

2 comments on "Sugar oh Sugar"

D@puR D@n OvEn on August 6, 2009 at 5:17 PM said...

tul ke gula semakin pupus ni... Gula sgt penting utk jeri ni. Almaklumlah, nak buat kek kene ada gula.

Mommy Eryna on August 17, 2009 at 3:45 PM said...

Jeri, hu3 xtau la...besa la dkt2 raya ni byk jer yg nk sorok baru2 ni blk Jitra kt sana pon byk dh kedai yg xde stok...jeri pembikin kek tegar ni kena stock up gula byk2.. :)


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