Friday, August 14, 2009

The Romper Story

There’s always a two sides for every story.

Mommy’s Story

There’s a reason why I put Eryna in this i-don’t-sleep-nobody-sleep-romper today.

Eryna’s having a trouble & restless night yesterday & drag me along with it. Put her to sleep at around 9pm and she woke up around 12midnight for nursing. Then at 1am, she woke up crying; “uwaaaaa” for about 2minutes or so (eyes closed), left me wondering why.. Then again at 245am..slap me right on my face is what she did! Then offer her for nursing but seems like still contently-full but just wanted to ‘talk’ just for a few minutes…Me with sleepy eyes, half-awake-half-sleeping, just layan ajer la…then again at 430am...this time for nursing but wont go to sleep after dat,keep me awake with her for around 5mins..then suddenly cries, again left me wondering why…clad her in blanket in case she’s cold or something..but still cries..hug her a bit..pat her cute bum for a minute or so, then finally went to sleep until 730am…Finally! I woke up around 640am....’alamak haven’t performed subuh prayer!’…then continue back to sleep until 730am..Bath Eryna at 9am..searching the romper I bought 2months ago & dressed her with it as a reminder that I’m still sleepy from the previous night!

Eryna’s Story

There’s a reason why mommy put me in this romper today.

I think it’s because purple suits me really well. Look how cute I look in this romper! :) I sleep around 9pm yest nite & feeling hungry at 12midnight. Luckily mommy is always ready to provide me with my favourite milk..Yummy! I dream about abah taking picture of me at 1am..oh how I hate the camera! Uwaaa..Even in my dream i don’t like it…For about 2mins, finally abah take the camera out from my face..Only then I can continue to sleep..Suddenly remember I haven’t told mommy about my day at nursery today..Mommy wake-up! Slap! Erkkk..”Sorry, didn’t mean to slap on ur face. I was actually aiming for your shoulder but my aiming’s a bit off…anyway..u know…story…story…story…thank u mommy for listening..lets go to sleep now..i can see u are already half-asleep”…I’m hungry again at 430am…mommy I want my milk now…woke up at 730...what a great night!

Oppss my bad..There’s three sides in this story..

Abah’s Story

There’s a reason why Eryna’s wearing her purple-romper today. It’s because mommy spent almost RM30 buying it online 2months ago & end-up it’s way to big for her & have to wait until today only can wear it.Hmm..heard Eryna cries last night..Sokay mommy will nurse her…continue sleep…zzzz...Hmmm..izit Eryna ‘talking’ last night? zzzzzzz…woke up at 6am…hmmmm….what a great night!

p/s- Sorry for the blurry always, from my crappy phone..*wink*

4 comments on "The Romper Story"

Whoelses on August 14, 2009 at 12:26 PM said...
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Whoelses on August 14, 2009 at 12:27 PM said...

Happy Parenting experiences, appreciate it.

D@puR D@n OvEn on August 14, 2009 at 5:36 PM said...

Lama rasanya tak jumpa Erynalah.. Eryna sihat tak?? Irdina baru ok dari demam n batuk. Dah seminggu tak kuar rumah langsung. Eryna wat hal ye mlm td.. hehehe biasalah tu.. Urdina pun slalu bgn kul pagi nak main. Kalau jeri or nuli tertido, tangan dia akan pup pap pup pap lah atas muka kita...

Mommy Eryna on August 17, 2009 at 3:48 PM said...

To Cik Azi : Truly I do..indeed a happy experience..and also a sleepy one too.. ;)

To Jeri: tu la...lama dh xgi umah jeri..owh irdina demam ker..mmg skrg tgh musim...kt nursery eryna pon ramai yg demam..Alhamdulillah eryna takat ni xkena lg...xtau la nape aritu die tk kejap tido..kejap2 terjaga..kuat sembang dh skrg ni..he3..


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