Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Breastfeeding Journey

Alhamdulillah; Eryna at her 31/2 months is still enjoying mommy's milk. My target is to fully breastfeed her until 6months; (hopefully) & only start her on solid food by then. 6 months is my target but I'm hoping dat I will be able continue breastfeed Eryna until she's 2yrs old. Been praying hardly dat I will be able to do that.

At work, currently I'm da only one who is still fully breastfeed eventhough already started working & a colleague of mine asked me how did I do it. Well, I'm not an expert though (first time mommy & baru 3months liao, loooong way to go..another 21months in counting!! ), but whatever I know, I will gladly share. So here's my journey to supply breastmilk for Eryna.

Ok first, what we need is DEDICATION , COMMITMENT & DETERMINATION..dat is da most important thing. Da next important is to equipped yourselves with knowledge on breastfeeding. There's a lot of myths about breastfeeding (susu kurang la, susu xdak khasiat la); so be prepared..Luckily a friend of mine introduce me to dis website; ; in which we can find A LOT of useful information. Plus, another useful website such as; ; ; etc..Next thing is to have the right breastpumping gear. For a working mommy like me, here are what I have :

  1. Breastpump : If you are working, I would suggest you to get a pump dat can do a double pumping; to save time & I believe it's also good to maintain your milk supply in da long run. As for me, I bought Spectra3, mainly because, for a double pumping pump, dis is da cheapest (economy down lerr..have to save cost! ;p but still, Medela Free Style is in my wish list..maybe next round lar.. ;)) Nevertheless, I absolutely luurvvee dis pump; really works for me. As my work requires exactly 9hrs of my time, i need to be able to pump as quickly as I can & Spectra3 serve this purpose.
  2. Expressed Breastmilk (EBM) storage : Dis is to store ur EBM when u are at work. Currently I used 3 types; MLO bottle, Avent via storage & Playtex milk liners. If your workplace do not have any fridge, you might want to invest on a good cooler bag & a chiller. (I'll blog on breastmilk storage 101 later aite).
  3. Pump bag : Well, actually dis one depends on you lar...Use any bag oso can..but in da market, they have specific type for each pump. For me, i juz use a big Fendi bag, able to fit my Spectra3, 2 sets of breastshield, 2 Avent bottles & my liner. So, shud be good enough for me..Plus I'm totally in love with da chick looks & design..Dear hubby choose da bag for me..He has such a good eyes for a nice bag, if you ask me.. :)
Basically dat's all you need. All of da above I bought online except for da bag, mainly because I'm really lazy to go searching for all of it. Better do it with just da tip of my finger..That alone would tell you dat I'm a fanatic online shopper..ha3..Aiyak..have to go back to work lorrr...I can see my boss coming..will continue in my next post ya...

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