Monday, March 30, 2009

Roll over!! Yippee!!

It's officiall! Eryna can now roll over! Yeay! Muahaha..She rolls over from back to stomach on her 13weeks of age. I woke up around 1am (eryna's usual nursing time) by a strange sound ; "ooohh, aahh..".. and I was like "hmm..dat's strange, usually eryna's feeding cue would be; kicking me with her tiny little feet"...and just then I realize there is one small tiny eryna beside mommy with a satisfied smile on her face; but still closing her eyes, mind you.. he3...and quickly pick her up for nursing while still wondering did she really roll over or izit just in mommy's hopeful mind? Well ignoring that, after around 15mins of nursing, both mommy & eryna went back to sleepzz..

Again, around 410am, the same sound. Quickly mommy wake abah & at the same moment both of us were watching her,andd,, 'thump'. There she is, proudly, from side to stomach..Automaticlly both mommy & abah went 'yeay'! After 3weeks of struggle, finally!

This morning, before sending her to nursery, I was begging her to roll over again.. "please, 1 more time, to paksu"... Eryna: "this is not a free show la mommy..i want my milk nowww.."

Once got the chance, will post her roll-over picture... ;) Definitely.

200409 ~ As promised... :)

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