Monday, April 27, 2009

Motherhood made me stronger

The past 2 months since I came back to work after a loong maternity leave (but still, not quite enough. In fact, ANY kind of leave are never enough!) has been very hectic for me. A lot of undone number of works, documentation not updated, piles & piles of customer complaint, tools not verified & calibrated, new procedure for implementation, upcoming customer audits, etc, etc, etc...Well, I should expect dis coming since dis is what would happen if you leave work without a proper pass-down to your colleague/sub-ordinate...To my defense: I do plan to properly pass-down all my current work to a colleague of mine but my delivery had been un-expected one (another story for another day)..I guess Eryna knows dat her mommy had been waiting for her impatiently & decided to surprise me a bit earlier with her arrival.. :)

Nevertheless, I'm quite amazed by how I had survived the last 2 months & I told this to a friend of mine & she told me dat it's because I'm a mother.."it makes u stronger" is what she said..hmmm..? Have a look at my schedule these days..

615-630 AM : wake-up + bath + Subuh prayer
630-730 AM : prepare Eryna's EBM for nursery + change her diapers + breastpumping gear + getting ready for work.
730-740 AM : off to work
815-825 AM : arrived
830 AM : work start (replies mail, received phone call from customer regarding complaints, argue with boss, scold my inspectors, start morning rounds,etc,etc)
1100 AM : pumping session1
1125 AM : work resume
1200 - 1240 : lunch hour
1240 NOON : work resume
300 PM : tea break + Zohor prayer + pumping session2
330 PM : work resume
530-545 PM : Asar prayer + pumping session3 (if time permitted)
600 PM : work end
630-640 PM : arrived home
640-740 PM : bath + start making dinner + nurse Eryna + start laundry
740-830 PM : Maghrib prayer + getting Eryna to go to sleep
830-900 PM : dinner + doing dishes + jemur kain + angkat kain (from yesterday, I do laundry EVERYDAY, I also dunno why?? there are only 4 of us in da house but the clothes are just tremendous!)
900-1030 PM : watch televisions + lipat kain + pumping session (for stock) + sembang2 + Isyak prayer + update blog (optional)
1030-1100 PM : getting ready to sleep + Eryna wakes for nursing
100-130 AM : Eryna wakes for nursing + tandem pumping
300-330 AM : Eryna wakes for nursing + change diapers (klu rajin)
530-615 AM : Eryna wakes for nursing
615-630 AM : and the cycle starts again

Wow...juz realized dat I have never sleep more than 3 hours straight for the past 4 months! Not even on weekends! Well, I guess my friend is right. Motherhood does make me stronger...I'm not alone though...I have a very supportive hubby...despite his addiction to his RPG games, badminton with his friends, snapping pictures here & there, he would always find a time to pitch in to help me around. Thanks for helping to make this work for me..

Then again, thanks to dear Eryna for making me a bit stronger, I guess? ;) Mmmmmuahh...

4 comments on "Motherhood made me stronger"

D@puR D@n OvEn on April 28, 2009 at 4:28 PM said...

Memang tul ada ni memang tak cukup tdo.. walaupun jeri ni tak keje, tapi payah nak releks. Ada jer keje umah yang nak dibuat. Walaupun letih tp hepi kan tengok anak kita sihat n hepi.

mommyeryna to jeri said...

tu la...bila tgk anak ni, rasa sejuk jer hati kn..jeri mesti lg sibuk, Irdina dh dapat kaki tu, mesti keje nk kacau mama die je la tu... :)

Faridah Hassan on May 7, 2009 at 11:46 AM said...

Sama la timetable kita yek. Except not having sleep 3 hrs straight tue.. UmiSuhaib bantai aje tdo time bfeed late nite. Keh3
About the laundry, aku igt aku sorang je yg wonder perkara yg sama. Heheh

Mommy Eryna on May 11, 2009 at 2:24 PM said...

mommy eryna xreti lg nk bf smbl baring (read:tido..he3..) sekali sekala ja klu mmg dh ngantuk sgt, which I think only 2 times.


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